Monday 24 April 2017

In the style of


Every week I would like to post in the style of one of my Simply Delightful favourite blogs. A sort of homage to the writing and presentation techniques of the bloggers.

Picture courtesy of Mum's iPhone.

This is just wonderful. And so relaxing. I just love to look at the many changing faces of our outside sitting area. Hey, take a look at those hundreds of buds just ready to burst into flower. I can't wait to inhale the heady perfume of those clematis. Can you see all the gardening activity that has been taking place at the table? Such a lot of work to do in the garden but the table will be laid out with a relaxing beer in a moment. Ha!

Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Please look my Simply Delightful Blogs to find out whose style I've tried to re-create here. :)



  1. Gardening is hard work but it is something I love the rewards are well worth the effort xx

  2. I've no idea whose style this is but I love your new blog page background.

  3. It all looks lovely, especially with the sun shining. A very relaxing place to sit. X

  4. Garden looking lovely. I would love a sitting out area but would get blown away. Dream on. What new background?

  5. How lovely. It will be awhile yet before my outdoor area looks as nice as that.

    We got about three inches of snow today.

    God bless.


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