Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Growing in the garden

On getting out of the car in a store car park the most amazing scent filled the air. It came from a clematis spilling over the walls of the parking area from a house next door. The top of the wall was covered in white blooms. When we had finished shopping a stray cutting of this beautiful plant landed up in one of our bags. That was a couple of years ago. It's not until this year that the cutting has really taken off and our 'rescued' plant is going growth crazy.

Other plants in the garden are growing too. The mange tout came up in 10 days and is heading upwards to its growing frame. The ancient lettuce seed is springing to life and will soon need to be thinned out.

We planted a bench in the strawberry patch and I can pull out weeds while I'm sitting in the sunshine.

The rest of the edible garden is slowly being planted up as the warmer weather sets in. Already planted is beetroot, potatoes, fennel, kale, spring onions and leeks.

The grapevine has had quite a few trims to keep it in check and another vine is growing in from the outside.

I planted some Lidl-iddle lettuce (which had roots) in the greenhouse and they have started to romp away. I just pick a few leaves off them when I need them.

I saved some seed from the corn from last year to plant this year and it's just starting to grow. The cucumbers and courgettes will soon join them.

All is well in the garden.



  1. You've been very busy. It all looks great.

  2. Your garden is lovely and I am a little envious of the greenhouse. I like your way of weeding. Sitting in the sunshine sounds the perfect way to do it. X

  3. Busy times in the garden, love all your crops.

  4. Wow, you're going to have a good harvest I think. The stray cutting reminds me of my mum and dad as we always had bits of plant's falling into my mums handbag too ;)

  5. Your garden looks lovely. I do like the idea of a bench to sit on while weeding.

    God bless.

  6. Your garden is surely coming along!
    It looks a lovely place.
    I hope you get a wonderful bounty this year!


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