Monday, 12 December 2016

L is for ...


I spent an age untangling the lights for the Christmas tree this year, only to realise that I'd bought some new ones from Ikea which weren't tangled at all!

Large, light and lovely.

The untangled lights are now wrapped round a large cardboard tube ready for use another year.

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  1. I always wrap the Christmas lights round a tube, except one year dear husband saw the tube thought it was rubbish and threw it away. He helped to put the Christmas decorations away and carefully put the lights in the box. As we all know they wriggle through the year and tangle themselves. When the decorations came out the following year the said lights were taken out of the box tangled and he said to me I thought we always wrap the lights round a tube..........hmmm......

  2. I am convinced there are little elves at play who tangle the lights even when they have been put away carefully. Your tree looks lovely. X

  3. Beautiful tree! No matter how carefully I put the lights away, they are all tangled up the next Christmas.

  4. After many years of untangling lights we finally started to wrap them around some old ribbon bars I had in my stash... Cause you just know something like that could come in handy some day. LOL.

    Your tree looks lovely.

    God bless.


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