Sunday, 21 August 2016

Chop, chop

Being a short xxxx person I find that many longer length dresses reach to the floor on me and almost all full length dresses polish the floor. This alteration was simple as I just followed the line for the cut.

Chop, chop, hem, hem and the dress from the CB for £1.50 is now perfect for my 'petite frame'! I also chopped off those pesky ribbony bits that are supposed to help with the hanging up but invariably become a nuisance by poking out under the armholes. This dress is a soft jersey and is perfect for a bit of dossing about relaxing.


  1. Lovely dress. I do the same with the ribbony bits too. They come in handy for other crafts too if they are nice ribbons. Does anyone know why designers assume everyone is the same height and same size? Like you I polish the floor with dresses and skirts!

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Its all about customising and its cool that you've revamped it to suit you xx

  3. Nice dress, I'm a shorty too and everything is always too long.

  4. And me. I was once 5 feet 1 and 3/4 I am now 4 feet 11. Cropped jeans now fit just above floor.

  5. I am a shorty as well , I have the same problem x

  6. Perfect solution. I often cut the arms and necks off t-shirts because they swallow me. So I say whatever works.

  7. I've been enjoying reading your posts these last couple of evenings (I found your blog through Ilona's) and am really enjoying them!

    The dress works really well. £1.50 is a bargain (our charity shops can be eye wateringly expensive!) I'm sure if I tried it, my hem would be all wonky!

    If you have enough fabric you could cover a chunky plastic bangle to match the dress.

    Mina @ Thrift Cottage x

    1. Hi Mina, welcome - there's quite a few posts to get through! What a great idea to cover a bangle. I'll have to hunt for the cut off bits now!

  8. I have the opposite problem and am always spending my time trying to search for "tall clothes". You've done a fantastic job. Jane xx.

  9. Being short too , My husband thinks i am wearing my nightie when i wear a maxi dress lol , Those shoulder straps are a nightmare , I always decide to chop them off when i am wearing the garment then forgetting again until the next time i am wearing it , Wish i could be as organised as you xxx

  10. I love stripy things that can be cut along the stripe, it makes life so much easier, and like you I always cut out the ribbons that are meant to help you hang the dress, you see so many women with them dangling on the outside of their outfit.

    I also cut off the tabs and buttons of roll-up sleeved shirts, I would just rather roll them up myself to the length I want them to be than struggle to get the right sized folds needed to match up tab and button.

    Bargain dress as well!!

  11. I have realised what I need: a short shopping friend. We'll buy the same thing and I'll add anything you take off.


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