Saturday, 16 April 2016

CS finds

Sherry glasses. This sherry glass is one of 6 which are all different colours of glass. Today I noticed that the sherry glass and the water sprayer matched my ...

CS dress which has splashes of green and blue running through the pattern.

My Handy Household Hints and Tips book was a CS cheapo and is one of those books which tries to tell you everything you need to know about running a house. Everything is so easy when it's written down and is never so in real life. This book, too, has colours that match my dress and my blanket.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the plants are a refreshing green, growing well,

I've drunk my sherry and all is well with my world. I hope it is in yours.



  1. I must say your plants are looking really healthy, its the weekend have another sherry go on xx

  2. Nice glasses. It's a pity that the book can't do all the work for you.

  3. Oh, I haven't had a sherry since Christmas! That does sound like a very civilised idea!

  4. Red wine here, don't you love Saturday nights

  5. Love the glasses!!

    Things are starting to finally green up around here. Tomorrow I start some seedlings and perhaps I will have a bit of green to make things a bit more cheery around here.

    God Bless.


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