Thursday, 3 December 2015

Advent Calendar 3 - Decorations out - Days Left 22

My Advent Calendar features a symbol on the first and last days and a letter on each of the other days. These letters and symbols are very easy to spot so there's no searching this year. The letters are all mixed up and on the 24th December they will need to be sorted to solve the message from me.

"* 7 boxes put away under the eaves
* lights in drawers
* Have a silver Christmas"

ssays the note in my diary.

so the loft's been opened and the decs are out. Now to decorate. Firsst up and last down are the lights which bring a festive glow to this month.

Now where are those silver baubles? I can't find them in the loft anywhere! Best laid plans and all that (mutter, mutter). Argh! - and now these lights don't work (mutter, mutter). Bits all over the floor (mutter, mutter).

I'm linking my Advent Calendar with Julie's Scrapbook.


  1. Haven't done my decorations yet........
    Julie xxxxx

  2. No - nor have I, going to wait until my exam is under my belt then I can sigh a sigh of relief and look forward to being festive!

  3. I've made a giant pizza-base snowflake and shamefully, our tinsel and little snowflakes have been hanging from our mirror in the living room ALLLLLLL YEAR and I only recently noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!x


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