Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent Calendar 18 - Days Left 7

Socks for Christmas?

I just had to do it, yes, I just had to. I wonder if it was last year's resolution to finish off all my WIPs. I keep saying I'll not start anything else until I've completed them but I just had to do it! Give me my due, though, I did intend to finish the pair of socks I'd started but my heart was not in it because
a. The first sock was a bit tight at the top and the second one I'd casted on with a stretchy cast on so they were both not the same.

b. I'd mislaid one of my needles and couldn't find another. (I didn't look very hard.)

oh, and

c. I saw a Ytube video on knitting 2 socks together on circular needles. Now that got me hooked and I just had to do it. Finding some suitable yarn in my stash I made a start, got in a fix following the instructions, and made a start again, got in a fix following the instructions and had a 3rd try.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! two socks began to emerge.

They look rather like a small bra, don't they?

They may be too big for DH, as I wasn't really following a pattern and was working with a guessed number of stitches (live dangerously), but I'm really enjoying the challenge. Who knows they may be ready for Christmas.

Perhaps Christmas 2016. Yeah, everyone can have a pair of socks next year!


Here's the video that got me into all this mess.


I'm linking my Advent Calendar with Julie's Scrapbook.


  1. I buy everyone socks as I think they are just such a useful, practical present. Unfortunately, I can't knit them myself like you, but I think it would be even more wonderful to be able to give people handmade socks.

  2. I knit socks like that. My friend Jan taught me a few years ago
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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