Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ideal Home?

Looks good, doesn't it? Everything beautiful and beautifully put in its place. Windowsill looking gorgeous with fresh flowers and pegs in containers, lovely floral blind, tea towels artistically draped over the sink and stool, chopping boards standing to attention, casserole decorating the work surface, watering can ready to be of use and the veg in a harvest festival basket. Wonderful. Just like my home really.

Windowsill looking gorgeous with fresh flowers old flowers (near death)  

Plus a pipe cleaner (very useful!), a plastic tip from
a cat toy, 2 vases that have not been put away and
a plasticky thing that I've yet to identify but it must be
 off something. Note to self: Use that bit of broccoli
or throw it in the compost.

and pegs in containers,

Peg bag - Bread bag
Fire extinguisher - be prepared!

lovely floral blind no blind, tea towels artistically draped over the sink and stool, dumped on the worktop,

chopping boards (well used) standing to attention, 

casserole pans decorating the work surface in the cupboard because they need a good scrub,

Will I ever match up the jam jar lids to
the jam jars. Note to self: either throw out
that cardboard cone or take it upstairs to
and put it in the craft box. (Could be the
base of a Christmas tree) - on the other
hand - could be cardboard to chuck out!

watering can ready to be of use and the veg in a harvest festival basket veg in a cupboard (what there is of it). 

Note to self : only a few potatoes and onions left, put veg
on the shopping list

Wonderful. Just like my home really.

The cat loves it as well.


PS Where was the dishcloth?


  1. Looks just like our place, (sod the pretty staged shoots), it's a family home, and who cares if everything is not pretty. Having loads of nice stuff does not make a happy home. Lovely cat, dishcloth, I often find mine in the dishwasher.

  2. Anyone who manages to live in a picture perfect house can't really call it a home - can they?

  3. love it......real life. Anyone who can keep their house looking like a picture book is not real if you ask me!!

  4. Oops - I case I offended anyone with my previous comment, perhaps I should add in mitigation - perfect homes happen when there are no children / animals / husbands traipsing in covered in bits of lucerne / tractor oil / dust off the fields...

  5. This is my subscription magazine for this year and I do enjoy the pleasure I derive from looking at all the lovely photos. My dishcloth hangs over the tap, dishtowel decorates the worktop and as the window ledge was cleaned on Friday it is mercifully free of all lost and found objects. Thanks for making me laugh out loud while I was drinking my coffee on this wet Sunday. Catriona

  6. Yours is more like home, pictures in magazines just make me feel guilty.

  7. I much prefer your home it has the lived in look and is more realistic :-)

  8. I laughed out loud at this post! I much prefer your home to the magazine shot! Today I scrubbed my barthroom. It was disgusting! It's had bleach on a toothbrush on the grout treatment! I would say it's Four in a Bed TV show standards!


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