Friday, 22 May 2015

Have a pe ...

… ony.

The peony is at its best this year with heavy, blowsy flowers of a deep magenta. They will eventually become too heavy to hold themselves up and then the only course of action is to cut them off ...

… and bring them into the house.

I shall marvel at their beauty both outdoors an in.



  1. I have plastic covered green stays to hold my flowers up, but my plant has only produced 5 flowers this year. your plant looks lovely.

  2. We are all a bit peony possessed in blog land right now!! I have a peony just like yours - photos are on the blog x

  3. gorgeous colours, the peonies will be out at our old house now (SIGH) Have a good weekend.

  4. Our peonies are smothered in buds this year. Mindst you everything so far has been glorious. Cherry blossom and coming out clematis best I've seen.

  5. What beauties x

  6. Mine are only babies so it will be next year before I have flowers, I have planted mine near the roses so hope for good displays in the future.

  7. I can't grow peonies in my garden so I shall just enjoy yours.
    Anne xx


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