Sunday, 12 April 2015

They're in

The tomatoes are now in their final home and are feeling a little strung up.

I always put in the climbing strings as soon as I've planted the small plants and I always knot the tops the same way - a round turn and two half hitches bringing up the loose end to form a slip knot. That way I can adjust the strings as the plant grows. 

I just knot loosely at the bottom to allow for growth.

I've planted Orkado, Shirley and tasty Blackpool (our own saving of a particularly tasty tomato that we don't really know the name of).
My pruning of the grape vine did not result in the demise of the vine as shoots are starting from every bud. I hope there will be grapes from every shoot. This is the new runner.

And this is the main stem.

While visiting the nursery where we purchased our vine many years ago we bought a new plant called Cannon Hall which originated here. It is another Muscat grape with supposedly a delicious flavour. It will probably be next year when we plant it as it is only small now.

It was gloriously warm when I planted and strung. Now it's tippling down and the wind is howling.


PS Thank you for all your comments yesterday. I think it is some kind of pyjama or stocking case. It's about 22 inches wide at the base. I can now report back my findings to the CS manager. :)



  1. Oh the case was much bigger than I thought so I agree, stockings or nighties.
    The grapevine looks good and your tomatoes are huge already.

  2. I am going to train my tomatoes like that in the tunnel this year, I havent done it before as I havent had the space, they are not as big as yours yet but ready to be potted on. I love your grape vine as well, I am putting mine outside but having seen yours I may put one in the tunnel :-)

    1. The roots of the vine are planted outside the greenhouse.

    2. thanks I might try one like that :-)

  3. This post made me miss our allotment. There's nothing like home grown toms.

  4. Our tomatoes are looking a bit poorly they do not seem to be growing and have gone very pale, I think we might have to buy some bigger plants.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.