Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I haven't got a bucket list ...

Day passes for riding the Blackpool trams were duly bought for family and visitors and we bump de bumped to visit memorable places along the coast. A day ticket for the trams costs £4 and this enables passengers to hop on any tram all day - or so we thought. The Heritage trams were running this day and I espied one of these open-topped trams. Oh my, I've lived here all my life and have never, ever been on one of these. If I had a bucket list this would be on it - I'd like to ride in an open-topped tram. Here it was in all its glory. We must ride this one. Up the stairs we went and sat on the rickety wooden seats. The wind was howling and the sea mist was in full misty force. It was great.

… Until the conductor informed us that day passes were not accepted on Heritage trams, so we had to cough up extra money to 'enjoy' the ride. It was worth it though.

The visitors wrapped up warm and complained about the slight breeze and fine, wet mist, only jumping once when the trolley pole, which connects the tram to the overhead cables, went fizz buzz and sparks went flying. The conductor rushed up the stairs to reassure all the passengers that this was a normal occurrence and if the trolley pole strayed from the overhead cables it would not come crashing down on our heads.

Great fun. Tick!


PS Welcome to my new follower.
PPS Have you ever played Fizz Buzz?


  1. Nothing like being an adult child, is there :)

  2. I'm sure you mean "bump de bumped"

  3. Thank you for the tram ride Mum, I bet you and your family really enjoyed it.
    I think there was only one time when I was a child on holiday from my home town that I rode on the open air tram. When I lived in Blackpool as an adult, I always meant to, but never did experience it again.
    Happy memories.
    Pam in TX.xx

  4. There's somehing magical about riding on the illuminated trams late September too!


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