Monday, 7 April 2014

List 52 - Week 14

I'm joining in with Dreamer's 52 list and am choosing small tasks that I've been avoiding and would like to do/finish. My list is written in my organiser and I hope this will give me a kick up the backside and spur me on. My fourteenth week task is:

14. Finish tidying those shelves.

I've been tidying things and moving things for weeks and now I've decided that they look an awful lot better. They will always be a WIP but now I'm keeping on top of them. Do you like my new storage boxes?

This week I've also planted the mange tout. The weather is warming up now and the time to plant feels right.



  1. I have a lot of big tasks I'm avoiding lol

  2. Very smart and tidy!
    Hope your mange tout do well. It has been too wet here to plant anything outside this weekend.

  3. Very nice! I like the smiley snowman.

  4. I do like your storage boxes, but where are your gorgeous pussy cats going to lie now? I bought some pea netting at the weekend, I'll be sowing my peas very soon.

  5. Well done, another one ticked off the list X


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