Friday, 25 April 2014

Alphabet Blogging - N

N is for Now

Please answer the following questions.

1. What time is it?
2. Where are you?
3. Who is with you?
4. What is the weather like?
5. What can you hear?
6. How are you feeling?
7. What is/was one of your aims for today?

Now I'd like to thank you for reading this post and answering the questions (I hope you've left a copy in the comments.) They weren't too hard, were they? 

Nosey me!

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  1. 6.45a.m.
    On my own at the kirchen table having a cup of tea.
    Outside is misty after some rain, and the birds are chirping to the insects to spread their damp wings and fly 'cos they're hungry.
    It's a brand new day with untold opportunities to yet unfold and I need to get into my veggie patches and do some weeding...

    Enjoy your day Mum :)

  2. 7am
    At home
    My Husband and kids
    The dogs waiting for their morning walk and the cats chancing a second breakfast
    To catch up on housework as I've been down the allotment every spare moment this week.

    PiC x

  3. It is 7.50am,, I am at home (in the sitting room),, No one is with me, (DH is still in bed),, Gloomy outlook,, Cars on the A303,, Feeling good,, and I must pay the council tax today.

  4. I don't mind that u are nosey. Just got back from school run, having Hot choc for breakfast. and crisps. Reading posts and watching t.v. at the same time. Fed all our animals, put dishwasher and washing machine on. Wondering what to do today before it rains...... maybe do some gardening. Could not be bothered to answer your questions Ha! Ha! have a nice day.

  5. 1. 10.48
    2. Sat on the sofa in the room
    3. Archie the dog is asleep next to me
    4. Dull but dry
    5. Archie snoring
    6. Happy that it's nearly the weekend
    7. To get all the ironing done, and I've completed it

  6. Hi, It's 11.45 am here. I'm sat in my kitchen, catching up with blog reading with only the dog for company. She's asleep after a long walk this morning. It's very grey outside, but dry. Listening to bird song and Radio 4. Feeling positive. Aiming to get some ironing done today, I've been trying to ignore it all week.

  7. 1) Noon (yes honestly)
    2) At home
    3) Husband
    4) Chilly and cloudy
    5) Radio
    6) OK
    7) To get on with a commission because I have a busy weekend ahead, but the postman failed to deliver the felt for the commission, and now I cannot get on with it till Wednesday!
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. 1. The time is one o'clock.
    2. I am in my living room, drinking a nice cup of tea.
    3. I am on my own, but my friend Dawn will soon be joining me.
    4. The weather is not very nice. Grey and drizzly
    5. I can hear the fan on the laptop and the ticking of the grandfather clock.
    6. Quite relaxed - due to the ticking of the clock. It is very calming.
    7. My aim for today was to make a phone call I had been putting off and I did it. Hurrah!

    Thanks for making me stop and think, Tracy

  9. Ok then...
    1. 8:50am
    2. In the family room.
    3.Zoe and Fleur.
    4. Sun and cloud mix.
    5. Cats running around upstairs ,the occasional 'ting ting' of a windchime, and a pair of ducks quacking.
    6. Great!
    7.Clean the bathroom, cook beans to make salad, do the home accounts,feed clean my pigeons,take in a pair of trousers (my first time so I hope I can do it),and usual chores.
    Jane x

  10. Mary in Perth Australia25 April 2014 at 15:25

    1. 10.20pm
    2. In the study
    3. The two dogs
    4. It's dark and cool-ish
    5. Humming of the fridge and the occasional car going past
    6. Pretty good........winding down for bed
    7. Watch the ANZAC day broadcast

  11. It's 10:46 am, I'm in the room we've set up as our office, my husband Mac is at his computer too, it's partly cloudy and near 80ยบ already, I hear the ceiling fan, I feel lazy---what's new, I need to do some house cleaning, finish cooking my white beans (we'll have them with linguica), work on my puzzle and hopefully blog today

  12. Here we go then..
    1. It`s 6pm
    2. I`m upstairs, sitting at my computer, catching up with blogs and e mails.
    3. Lucy Cat is curled up on my lap and old Granny Cat is asleep on the chair behind us.
    4.Damp and chilly. It has rained for most of the day.
    5.I can hear the computer humming and Lucy Cat licking her front paws.
    6.Slightly restless. I need to get busy and feed the animals and have spent too long on line!
    7.Clean bathrooms and change towels - done
    Wash hair - done
    Meet friend in new local bookshop - done
    Stay out of the kitchen as Mr DW is painting it!

  13. Hello Mum!
    It is 1:01 in the afternoon, I am in my bedroom in my wicker chair, and my hubby is with me, napping on the bed. The weather is cool, very breezy, even blustery every now and then, which is unusual for Arizona (where it is usually sunny, and warm at this time of year), and I can hear the wind outside and once in awhile a bird or two. I am feeling good today, as my back has been aching for the past few days, and it feels better today. Today, I needed to do some laundry, go out for a donut this morning with hubby, and visit my brother-in-law who just had knee replacement surgery. All done, except for the laundry, which I shall go and do now. Otherwise, a relaxing day. xxoo


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