Thursday, 5 September 2013


To the tune of Close Every Door To Me
Cleaned every bog loo today,
Chased all the germs away,
Under the rim and
Around the U bend.

Don’t do this everyday
The job never goes away
Leave the bowl sparkling
Seat clean for your end!

This job is important so
I clean where we have to go
And I know that now the loos
All smell divine.

Cleaned every bog loo today
Germs and dirt gone away
Wiped, brushed and polished
Just me alone.

And I know I did find (excuse the grammar)
Complete peace of mind
With a brush, cloth and cleaner
In a world of my own.

Also known as Bog Ballad, Doos Ditty, Water Closet Witterings, Rest Room Recitations or Privy Ponderings.



  1. Good clean fun, none of this lavatory humour, please!

  2. Youu are daft, but I like you. Sorry not commented only just realised others posts not showing unless I have signed in, have missed loads.

  3. Might as well make it fun. Makes the horrible jobs more bearable.

  4. Ha! Ha! a poem to the loo!!!

    Yes make it fun ...I say!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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