Wednesday, 18 September 2013

No time at all

The corn has been harvested and most frozen (some kept back to eat today). The plants were shredded and composted.

Only about 30 minutes from start to finish. Fresh veg. quickly frozen and fresh veg. quickly eaten - zero food miles. Can't be bad!



  1. They look fantastic. I haven't had any success with corn since I've had the allotment, though they did brilliantly growing in containers in the garden. I'm hoping for better things this year, thought they're not ready yet. You can't beat the taste of home grown corn fresh from the plant and plunged straight in to boiling water.

  2. Fab harvest you have there!



  3. Hello Mum

    Certainly agree with you...that cannot be bad. It looks so fresh. There's nothing like home grown and fresh sweetcorn...delicious!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. And the taste of veg fresh as that cannot be beaten by shop bought either!

  5. Love sweetcorn, especially picked straight from the plant. One of the best things about autumn - that and the apples, blackberries, damsons, plums, mushrooms, oh - I think I rather like the foraging/harvesting in autumn!! Your corn look lovely, making my mouth water just looking at them. X

  6. That looks like good corn. Very frugal of you. Now if you could just turn them into Bourbon i would really be impressed. Only joking.

  7. That looks wonderful.

    I am harvesting mine today, but I know for a fact they have been nibbled slightly by some critter, I will leave the most badly nibbled ones behind for them, after all I can't bring myself to take all the supply that they obviously think is for their Winter larder rather than mine :-)

  8. Mmmmmmm, looks yummy. I love spending the last of summer and early autumn having little BBQ's with fat sausages in a bun and corn beside a fire pit to keep cosy warm on a clear night. I'd rather be wrapped up warm to see that instead of eaten alive by midges in summer!

  9. wish I had an ear of that right now!


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