Thursday, 22 August 2013

Merlin Magic

My Merlin Annual Pass is not only for entry to the Tower Ballroom but also for free entry in to other Merlin attractions, so one of my dancing friends and I went to the Circus this week. The Circus is situated directly beneath the tower and the tower 'legs' can be seen surrounding the circus ring. No pictures were allowed to be taken of the acts (no animals here) but I sneaked in a few before the performance and during the interval. The Circus is as elaborately decorated as the Ballroom.

During the interval children could go down to the ring to have their face painted - for a cost, of course,

or to buy souvenirs.

The circus ring was smaller than I remembered since my last visit - hmm, hmm, hmm years ago when I was little and I'm sad to say that the water finale was not as spectacular as I remember either. :(

The acts were good but not great and the same acrobats seemed to return for different routines. Acrobats, clowns, acrobats, clowns  - not much variety really. I mustn't moan - the tiles around the area were the most spectacular!

I feel a crocheted square coming on!

Pusscat is loving his new bed.



  1. Why do you need to go to the circus when you have cats?!!
    Jane x

  2. Ooh its years since I went to a circus and I have never been to the one in the tower.Looks great fun.

  3. Lots of nostalgic memories for me, I used to live in Blackpool, (now in Dallas TX).
    I remember when the circus did have animals and Mary Chipperfield would take the elephants across the promenade in a line, each holding trunk to tail, to bathe in the sea. It was quite a spectacle, much loved by us residents.
    Pam in TX

  4. When I was young my brothers and I went to the tower circus every year around April. My dad worked at ICI and instead of doing a children's Christmas party they took us to the circus. Then there were elephants dogs tigers/lions sea lions,horses, and budgies as well as clowns, and all the rest. You're right about the tower circus now. We took L a couple of years back. Not the same. Currently there is a travelling circus camped near us, they come every year but we have not managed to see it yet.

  5. I've only been into the Tower building once and it was to the circus during Showzam before we moved over here. It is so beautiful I almost spent more time looking at the ornate building as I did at La Clique.

  6. I think the wonder of the circus wears off as you get older.

  7. I went to a circus in Blackpool too and the clowns did make me laugh, but that was years ago.


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