Sunday, 31 March 2013

Very Much Alive

It's a rather appropriate title for today, however, this post follows on from yesterday's tour of the flowers.

The main flowers here are orchids whose blooms last months.

One bunch of daffodils has flowered today.

No flowers here, just pretty foliage on the fern.

Very much alive - Happy Easter!


PS I'm sorry but I've switched word verification on again. Anonymous keeps commenting trying to lead anyone who reads to very dubious sites. I'm fed up of deleting him/her/it. Sorry.


  1. The only orchids I ever see here are like the ones in your top photo. I rather like the white one!
    Jane x

  2. Lovely flowers.

    It is possible to change the permissions on who can comment, so that anonymous comments are not allowed, I have that on mine, and also comment moderation, which means you get an email when someone comments so you choose to publish or delete, thus obviating the need for word verification - now lets see if I can get through it! xx

  3. I bought an orchid a few weeks ago and despite my neglect it is thriving. Beautiful flowers.

  4. Orchids are one of the few flowers that I have in the house, Michael has asthma and pollen can be a trigger. I may have to invest in some more silk ones I lost most of mine in a move ages ago.

  5. I love orchids! Yours are spectacular. Cant beat a real flower can you!

  6. How lovely! I have never tried to keep orchids as I seem to over water plants!

  7. The orchids and daffodils are so beautiful. I have a black thumb. The only thing that grows in my house is dust. I will keep coming back to your pics so I can enjoy from afar. Thank you.

  8. Your Orchids are lovely. I especially like the third picture.
    I have one that refuses to flower. It did twice and now it has given up. I don't know what to do with it.

    1. Persevere. They can go for a long time without flowering.


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