Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I can do the ...

The Lilac Waltz - easy peasy- can do without looking at other people's feet

The Alpine Stroll - get your breath back with this one

The Veleta - knew from school days - CDWLAOPF

St. Bernard's Waltz - knew from school days - CDWLAOPF

Sally Anne Cha Cha - my favourite - CDWLAOPF

Rhumba One - great wiggles in this one - CDWLAOPF

Tango Serida - must learn the arm and head movements to this as well as the feet!

Sindy Swing - mastered - CDWLAOPF

Mayfair Quickstep - mastered - CDWLAOPF

Balmoral Blues - reasonably easy

Pride of Erin Waltz - reasonably easy

Glengarry - ours is more of a two step than a shuffle and is progressive - great fun

I have not quite mastered yet ...

Glenroy Foxtrot - lots of turns

Ennerdale Waltz - as above

Catherine Waltz - ditto

Melody Foxtrot - oh my! It took me ages to learn how to quickly change feet. (hutchy up!*)

Tayside Tango - how's your twinkle and wing?

Waltz - whisk, wing, chasse, turn. Such a lot of different terms to remember. I can do a very basic waltz. My toes are still getting in the way.

Viennese Waltz - this is a great workout. I can go one way but need to master going the other way. (Just tried it in the kitchen and went dizzy. I'll stick to one way round for now.)

Foxtrot - slow and not so slow. Each partner seems to do the foxtrot differently, hence many trodden on toes. I just try and follow a partner who 'knows' what they are doing so my head seems to be always looking down at feet! The slow foxtrot starts off slow and ends up a race - more practice needed. I'm not too keen on the foxtrot at the moment. It feels like I'm treading precariously through hot coals!

Quickstep - still at the basic steps stage. I can turn and swivel.

These will take some time to perfect! ...

Jive - step back, triple, triple so the Youtube video goes.

Rock 'n' Roll - triple, triple, step, step? Sounds like the Jive to me! I need a partner who 'knows' what they are doing. Even then I can't see how those steps fit to the music.

My dance sessions keep me active and are a great workout plus they definitely keep the brain active!!

* my dance term

PS Further research shows another jive which is jiggling hands and arms about, swirling and turning and letting the feet look after themselves - I  like this one.


  1. Goodness, so many dances, I've never heard of most of them. My favourite dance they do on Strictly is The Viennese Waltz, I love all the twirls.

  2. We took ballroom dance lessons....I loved it but there is nowhere near here for us to go.
    Jane x

  3. I remember learning how do the foxtrot stood on my Dad's feet!
    Do we have any pics of you lighting up the dance floor?

  4. I was tired just reading it fantastic...

  5. WOW ! I can't do any dance steps at all !


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