Friday, 8 July 2011

Ready to be eaten

The next lot of fruit and veg are getting ready to be eaten.

There are about 50 bunches of grapes that should be ready in the next few weeks.

The cucumbers are ready. I've already eaten the first 2. These are numbers 3 and 4.

With all this rain the courgettes have really taken off. I made a lasagne today (with courgettes in of course).


  1. Mmmm - proper cucumbers, almost like a completely different vegetable to the tasteless, watery supermarket ones.

  2. Yours are much further ahead than ours. It`s the cold spring nights we have had, plus the shady greenhouse.

  3. Your courgettes are ahead of ours but we also had our own cucumbers this week. Sadly our grape vine didn't make it through the winter last year.

  4. Thanks for your comment about hubby. He is much better now.
    Your produce looks lovely, those grapes look so yummy and I'm sure you will enjoy eating them in a few weeks.
    I put corgettes in lasagne too! Might have to make one soon.
    Anne xx

  5. Your grapes are impressive. I don't have any cucumbers growing yet, you're way ahead of me.


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