Sunday, 31 July 2011

Collections - Music

A dealer at the car boot had 2 shopping bags full of sheet music. I love to look through music and I had a good 5 minutes glancing through. He wanted 3 for £1. There was such a large amount of music (at least 200 copies) that it was too difficult to choose so we passed him by. On the return leg we cheekily offered him £20 for the whole collection and he said yes. I've had great fun sorting out and playing the music from the 30s - 60s into albums, selections, dance music, Christmas, Easter, songs and classical tunes.

My era

Shows and collections

Not my era

Pile after pile after pile

My task now is to go through the music we already have and find a home for the new stuff!

Thanks, Mary. I'll look after your music now.

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