Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Not enough time

Apologies for my absence but we've had visitors - meals, days out, shopping, playing, driving around, entertaining etc. but they have now gone back home - and left me with the dreaded lurgy. I can cough for Britain and my nose would win a running race. To top it all my computer is having an upgrade so I've been pretty busy.

The house is slowly getting back to normal and all the bedding has been washed and the toys put away for another time. Now for a rest - I didn't have the energy to go dancing today. Looks like I have to put up with this lurgy for a while - DH has had it for 2 months and DS has had it for a fortnight. 

Nil desperandum.



  1. I too have had 'the lurgy bug'. I am into my fourth week. Sore throat and utterly exhausted. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Hope it does not last too long. I missed your posts.

  3. That sounds rough. Hoping things pick up for you soon.
    J x

  4. I'm in my 1st week, I blame all the children at Will's birthday party, almost every one had a bug, hope you feel better soon.


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