Monday, 26 June 2017

High as an elephant's eye

High there! DH sent off for some very tasty tomato seeds and in the parcel was a freebie packet of Hollyhock seeds. We've not tasted the tomatoes yet as they are still green but the Hollyhocks have taken off in the front garden. Each plant seems to have a different colour and each plant is more than 6 feet tall! They are reaching up to the sky like plants from an alien planet.

Here are the plants from a distance. Quite a few of the plants top the 7 feet mark.

The front garden is looking like a jungle.

We should have enough flowers to last to the end of the season.



  1. I like the Hollyhocks, but we removed ours as they had a disease and they didn't look good.x

  2. They'll give you a beautiful privacy screen.

  3. The colours are absolutely stunning.

  4. My hollyhocks would never stand straight and tall so we ended up removing them. I did love the colours of the flowers though.

    God bless.

  5. Wow! they are great, what a great freebie

    Julie xxxxxx

  6. I love hollyhocks something ate mine! Lovely photos.


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