Friday, 21 June 2013

Summer reading and crafting

This is the fifth book in the series - not finished yet but it was another colour choice for a blanket square.

Three of my dresses called out to me for the next square. the skirt on the left is an orangey colour - it looks rather pale in the pic.

We had friends round for a tea party at lunchtime earlier on this week and I picked some chive flowers for the table.

The colours of the flowers and the tablecloth added up to another 3 colours to use in another square.

I keep looking out for groups of 3 colours now. Sad, so sad.



  1. I'm a bit sad too because I do the very same thing for colour groupings with my knitting.

  2. Its not sad its great! Why dont you look around your garden for colour inspiration too? No one puts colours together like mother nature does.

  3. Oh I am in a good club, when ever I see clours grouped I see a patchwork block.I 'fess up to carrying a note book to record thoughts in and even draw a patch up and write in the colours. I have been known to knock on doors and ask permission to take a photo of flower beds.

  4. It's amazing where inspiration comes from. I love chive flowers, they're so pretty, and the bees love them too.


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