Saturday, 14 May 2011

Yesterday and today

It's very difficult to tidy up craft items. I had a go and finished some present tags with left over scraps.

I walked a lot today - to town to say hello to the sea and to walk round the shops, visit the junk shop and visit the Charity Shop where I was called upon to rescue this pretty plate from death by junk skip.

I also called in at a 'real' sweet shop for these.

Chocolate caramels
Real wine gums to exercise the jaw
Licorice and butterscotch tablets
Do you like my pretty plate?

Coming back up the garden path I took these pictures. These poppies only last a couple of days.

There's lots of yellow and blue at this time of year. These iris don't last very long but provide a great splash of colour.

Above them is the laburnum tree, its yellow blossom now beginning to fade.

The front garden is also home to 'edibles' - rhubarb, calabrese, cauliflower and broccoli.

Here is some more pretty rescued china.

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