Monday, 9 April 2012

Targets - who needs them?

My target for today was to finish the rhombi which go around the edge of the 2012 blanket and sew them together and then sew them around the edge of the blanket.

Oh joy!

- sewing in all the ends
- sewing them together
- finding out I didn't have enough
- finding out I'd made one of them incorrectly (after I'd unpicked it several times)
- working out how to do the corners
- finding out that the middle large square is not going to lie flat even after I'd got out the ironing board to iron it
- unpicking the middle large square and taking off one of its rounds
- sewing back in the middle large square
- agreeing that one of my crazy pieces was not quite right
- taking most of the day up until now to do this

Fostermummy you are a marvel volunteering to sew our squares together. I'm bog eyed now and considering opening a new sherry!

Target not met. Could do better.


Welcome new follower. I'm not always moaning and groaning - only now and again.

Edited to add

... and the cat keeps getting in the way!


  1. Blame the cats and have another sherry...sounds like my home!
    Jane x

  2. Lol - and they say hobbies keep us sane!!
    As for "our" blanket - still waiting for squares; and where they are a little smaller than others, I'm adding a row of dc to even them up.

  3. Open the sherry, de -stress by stroking cat. Put feet up and hide crochet.

  4. Oh goodness ;-( I was shattered reading all that. I do hope you managed to sort it and have a rest also. I think you should have a very large glass of sherry and to sit down quietly and rest. And hopefully tomorrow with fresh eyes it will all work out. hugs, dee xx

  5. Sounds like me and every item I make lol soooo nice to find I am normal!

  6. Oh No! Don't put me off before I've started, this all sounds very stressful, but like you say there are far too many targets in this world, so pah! I should definitely open the Sherry.

    And thanks for coming over to comment on my Blog, it means a lot.

    Arwedd x

  7. Sounds like a bit of an epic task! Hope it works out ok.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Oh no, it doesn't sound good. Hope you managed to work it out, and if puss gets in the way again send him to me, he can get in my way anytime he wants, such a cutie.


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