Saturday, 7 April 2012

Are you the next one?

Mrs. Tightwad has completed her squares for the Bloggy Blanket Chain. (See separate page.) Here is her comment.

Hi Ladies,
I have done a couple of squares to add to the one Mum sent me - who wants them next? email me amknittyatgmaildotcom with your name and address please.

Mrs. T. will you post some pictures on your blog before you send it off please.

Welcome to my new follower. Stay with us and enjoy the fun. Can you crochet?

Hester, I've left you a reply. Please will you post your squares to Fostermummy. Her email is on the Friends' Bloggy Blanket page.

*Hester's squares and a link to her blog are now on the FBB page.


  1. Hi Mum, Thanks for popping over to my Blog and leaving me a message. I was so 'chuffed'.

    I would love to do a square for the blanket (or more than one) but as you will see from my Blog today, I am struggling to learn my crochet. Thankfully FosterMummy is willing to teach me when we get a chance, so if it's Ok I will come back later when I am up to scratch, although I know I won't be up to everyone else's standard.
    Love Arwedd xx

  2. Hi Mum,
    Here, as promised, todays blog post about my squares ready to go!

    Mrs T xx

    1. Thanks, Mrs. T, I've just come from your site. I'll add your link to the Bloggy Blanket Page.
      Happy Easter


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