Monday, 16 April 2012

Advice needed

The Bloggy Friends' Blanket has 12 squares so far. Fostermummy has asked how many squares for a suitable lap blanket. Mrs. T, with your knowledge and expertise, what would you recommend? If each square is 12cm so far we have a blanket 48cm x 36cm. In old money that is 18 inches by 14 inches. This first blanket is for someone in care to put over their knees so maybe it should be a little larger. Advice needed, please.

For those who cannot crochet, knitted squares would be very welcome. Just make them 12cm x 12cm and I'm sure they'd fit in nicely.

Here's one more square ready to roll.

Thanks everyone for your support and hello new follower. I'm in love with Leo - ahhh!


  1. Hello Bloggy blanket friends. My thoughts are a square blanket about 48 inches square will work best, this gives a nice amount for tucking in either in a chair or wheelchair. I have squares ready to post, as soon as I have finished work this week they'll be on their way. xx

  2. I love that latest square, it looks like a battenberg!

  3. Oh what a sweet square, my fav so far!

  4. That square looks complicated. You're on a roll with all the different designs.


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