Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Third pop in

Little moments in time

Puss cat having a massage first thing in the morning. Can cats smile?


Monday, 14 May 2018

Second pop in

Out and about

... with a walk along the prom at Heysham.

Look round - there's Morecambe Bay.

Down a lane I wander and peer through some railings.

Behind these railings is a Glebe garden belonging to the local church. Good to see there's a communal compost heap there!

Let's have a wander round.

By the garden is the church yard - what a great final resting place this is looking out over the bay.

I turn around to look at the pretty church.

More meandering leads me to this gateway. Shall we go through?

Out on to the headland and here's another intriguing entrance.

It's to an old ruined chapel on top of the cliffs.

Great views up here.

And look - there's a small inlet with its own sandy beach.

Just time to say hello to the sea.

I turn round to head back and spy ...

... another little gateway. (Look closely it's in there somewhere.)

Where will this one lead, I wonder?

It led to a woodland walk back to the church yard with a wilderness of wild flowers.

Lovely place, lovely views, lovely lunch at the village pub/hotel, lovely day out.

I'm full:-

with food,
with the scent of flowers,
with the smell of the fresh air by the sea,
with the beauty and peace of this part of the world,


Sunday, 13 May 2018

First pop in

With the now warmer weather it's all systems go in the garden. The first picture was taken on the 6th May with the blossom just opening out on the pergola.

Here it is now with just as many blooms still in bud. The scent is wonderful.

And here's the grapevine.  I've rubbed off quite a few shoots and kept the ones which already have small grapes growing. 

The vine will grow like mad now and I will keep on top of the pruning until I have the shoots facing the way I want them and any unproductive shoots cut away.

The second vine now is in full swing and growing well. There aren't any grapes on at the moment but plenty of shoots.

I'll start to tie down some of the longer shoots using string.

The vine pictures have been taken over a few weeks and now it is in need of a trim again. I shall cut off the leads so that there is only one set of leads after the bunch of grapes. I'm quite brutal but the vine seems to take it and produces abundant crops.

Planted in the edible garden are mange tout, French beans, parsley, coriander, thyme, carrots, parsnips, spring onions and beetroot. In the greenhouse the tomatoes are in and waiting in pots are cucumber, kale, courgette and sweetcorn.

I love it when a garden comes together.


 Thinking of you, Sue.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Time out

I'm taking a bit of time out to attend to 'Life, the Universe and Everything'. I shall be reading all my favourite blogs regularly and will drop by occasionally for a post or two. Thank you for all your comments and for just 'being there'.


Sunday, 18 March 2018

On my needles and hook

I've started knitting squares from spare yarn. Here's a 20cm square and a 10cm square. The 10cm was way more satisfying to knit. A colleague at the CS wanted to get back into knitting again so we decided to knit squares for Charity projects. This one being for a pets' charity that needs blankets for the animals. We know that our hard work will be going to a good cause and we may recruit more knitters and crocheters along the way. My task was to sort out the pattern - number of stitches and size of needle and then to sew or crochet the squares together. Hope the project blossoms.

This next pic is of my blanket in progress. The ripple blanket is so satisfying to crochet and I'm using up my DK stash. It will take me some time to finish but I'm in no rush.

I've also been crocheting 'scrubbies' which are for washing up. They are crocheted from yarn that is actually strips of netting. The scrubbies don't work as well as ordinary scourers but look quite good around the sink. I'll post pics another time.

I've been thinking of names to call our knit and crochet for animal charities group and have come up with Knitty Nutters and Crochet Hookers. Any other names would be appreciated as we would like to recruit others to help us in our quest.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Cleaning Routine for the week

To the tune of *'Today's Monday' with a little bit of Elvis thrown in.

Today's Monday, today's Monday.
Monday's Back Room Day.
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Tuesday, today's Tuesday.
Tuesday's lounge or dine
Monday's Back Room Day.
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Wednesday, today's Wednesday.
Wednesday's Hall and Stairs,
Tuesday's Lounge or Dine,
Monday's Back Room
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Thursday, today's Thursday.
Thursday's Bedroom
Wednesday's Hall and Stairs,
Tuesday's Lounge or Dine,
Monday's Back Room
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Friday, today's Friday.
Friday's Bathroom
Thursday's Bedroom
Wednesday's Hall and Stairs,
Tuesday's Lounge or Dine,
Monday's Back Room
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Saturday, today's Saturday.
Saturday's FMH, (fridge, microwave, hob)
Friday's Bathroom
Thursday's Bedroom
Wednesday's Hall and Stairs,
Tuesday's Lounge or Dine,
Monday's Back Room
Wash or iron maybe,
Thorough clean one spot.


Today's Sunday, today's Sunday.
Sunday's Day of Rest,
Saturday's FMH,
Friday's Bathroom
Thursday's Bedroom
Wednesday's Hall and Stairs,
Tuesday's Lounge or Dine,
Monday's Back Room

NO wash or ironing
Today's a Day of Rest.


* Can't find my version of the song on the Internet but these are the words. We used to sing this song at guides.

Today's Monday, today's Monday.
Monday is washing day.
Is everybody happy?
You bet your life we are.

Tuesday is soup 
Wednesday is roast beef
Thursday is shepherds pie
Friday is fish
Saturday is pay day
Sunday is church

Friday, 16 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Thursday, Friday

Thursday - Bedroom

Whoops, this should have been posted yesterday.

Any bedroom will do on a Thursday. The whole room will be tidied and vacuumed (including the edges) and one part focussed on for a more thorough clean - skirting boards, architraves, windows, wardrobes, bed. Bedding washing is for Saturdays.

Friday - Bathroom

And this is for today.

Friday's cleaning is done with the bathroom tidied. My focus today was the woodwork - architraves, skirting boards, picture rail, dado and windows. The light fittings were dusted with my tickling stick. They are a flat boat shape and when we decorated the fittings were cleaned very thoroughly. I don't want them to get so dirty again so a flick of the tickling stick every week should help.

The picture rail runs all the way round and that was dusted then wiped.

Had to get down low to go under the sink unit.

Well that's it for the week. Everything ship shape. I went swimming yesterday and today is my turn at the CS playing shop. Might even find some good bargains while I'm at it.


PS For those who don't know fish pie is cooked fish in a white sauce topped with mashed potato and crisped up in the oven for about 20 minutes.


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Wednesday

Wednesday - Hall and Stairs

Time to hoover two flights of stairs and I generally hoover the bathroom and bedrooms while I have the hoover out. The extra bit today was dusting the architraves and skirting boards. Other weeks I will clean the bannisters or door handles. I do have a small vacuum for vacuuming the stairs but I usually lug the large vac with the extension thingummy as it saves me winding up the leads of 2 vacuums.

As well as cleaning one loo thoroughly that was it. The rest was tripping the light fantastic at the Tower and making fish pie for tea!


Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Tuesday

Tuesday - Lounge or Dining Room

The lounge is only used in the evening so does not get in disarray very often as supper things are cleared away in the evening before bed as well as cushions and throws straightened. Tuesdays are for the more thorough clean. Today I will concentrate on dusting the fireplace, furniture and picture rails in both rooms. The carpets will be vacuumed. That's it - it won't take long as swimming and lunch out is on the agenda for today.


PS - in answer to BBBJ the answer is, "Yes, I do do other things apart from cleaning and my cleaning routine may appear to be obsessive but with this framework I can do as little or as much as I want each day and know that all areas will have been covered with minimal effort and I've 'kept on top of things'."

The very act of living in a house creates disorder involving clutter, dirt and dust. Items are brought in, things moved around, clothes changed. Order and cleanliness doesn't last very long when activity and creativity are present. Illness, of which our family has had more than its fair share, doesn't help on the house maintenance front. Yes, when I can I will put my cleaning routine into action, not to be obsessive but to be happy in the knowledge that the house is in good working order so that we can pursue and enjoy all our hobbies and family life.


Monday, 12 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Monday

Monday - Back Room

As well as the daily routine tidy I focus on our Back Room for a more thorough clean on Mondays.  Everything is 'put in its place'

and then today I cleaned the paintwork - skirting boards, window and door frames.

This involves some scrabbling around on the floor to get to areas under the dresser and sideboard. The gaps in between the radiator and the wall are dusted with my trusty 'not feather' dusted which fits brilliantly into the tiny area and helps prevent a build up of dust and detritus.

(Perhaps I should call it my 'tickling stick'.  RIP Ken Dodd.)

This same duster can also do picture rails and high up places easily.

Other spots to thoroughly clean are the windows, of which there a are quite a few in this room, the dresser (waxed every blue moon), the floor and the lights. These spots will be tackled on future Mondays.

Everyday the loos get a quick wipe but each week they have a really good clean up and under the rim and all that. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are set aside for this - 3 loos, one day each.

That was enough for today because we were taken out for a belated Mother's Day lunch with DD.
Full now,


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Sunday

Sunday is my day of rest and there's only one thing to be done apart from my normal daily routine and that is polishing the brass.

I can manage to add pics that I've already posted
but no new ones. Strange.

Grandma used to do the brass every week when she was alive so I feel obliged to carry on doing so. Plus the front door is more welcoming with the brass 'done'. If it is fine weather I also wipe any road dust from the door, door surround and window frames just to add to the sparkle.


Edited later - I've managed to upload some pics to yesterday's post via a roundabout way by copying them to my desktop and uploading from there. Blogger does not want to know about my Photos application.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Saturday

Phase 1 of the decorating is now complete and there should be no more decorating mess for the foreseeable future. Now my Cleaning Routine can get back to normal. 

Everyday I make sure that the kitchen floor is swept and mopped, cat tray sorted, kitchen surfaces cleaned, washing loads are done (if needed) and ironing is done (if needed).


Make sure everything is in its proper place. (Everything must have a home or a 'put down' place.)

Clean - the fridge, the microwave and the hob.

That's it for Saturday - no deep cleaning on the weekends.

Today I also did the finishing touches to the understairs loo - hoovering the newly laid carpet, cleaning the door, dusting the shelves and adding finishing touches such as loo rolls in the cupboard and ornaments on the shelves. The hall was hoovered and the remnants of carpet put in the bin.


PS Having trouble uploading photos at the moment. Will do so as soon as I've figured it out. Have upgraded to High Sierra and some things don't work! Hey ho!

Edited 11/3/18 - Managed to put the pics on via a roundabout way. :)

Monday, 26 February 2018

Dripping tap

This was one of the songs from my first piano book.

Drip, drop, drip, drop
What is that?
It's my leaking, dripping tap.
Drip, drop, drip, drop
All the night,
We forgot to turn it tight.

It reminds me of my nose at the moment! Constantly dripping. Plus the cough and I'm one sorry me.

Cough, sneeze, snively me,
Cough again and whoops a dee,
Time to exercise the floor
Just in case I cough some more.

Wheeze, gasp, snively me,
Get it up, oh deary me,
Take 3 breaths and try again
Coughs and sneezes are a pain!

Drip, blow, snively me,
Noz is red  - this cold is free
To anyone who comes in view
Here you are it's all for you.

Cough, sneeze, snively me
Sniff and splutter let me be.
Heading off to my nice warm bed
Hack, hack, hack, enough is said.


Sunday, 25 February 2018

I find ...

... that washing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees using a cloth is preferable to using a mop (I can get in the corners and see all the dirt without putting my glasses on).

... that using brown wrapping paper for presents is preferable to buying special wrapping paper for different occasions (only one roll in the cupboard so saving space).

... that wearing stretchy pants is preferable to wearing trousers or jeans with a waist band (ahhhh). 

... that sitting on the floor is preferable to sitting on a chair (just me, I guess).

... that mopping up my plate with a piece of bread means I don't have to wash the plate (just joshing).

... that blowing one's nose on kitchen paper towel is preferable to blowing it on loo paper or tissues (as it's thicker and bigger so lasting longer).

... that sneezing without putting my hand over my mouth is much more satisfying to me (not to anyone else though).


PS - if you don't possess stretchy pants do not, repeat DO NOT, buy any. Your waistline will never forgive you. :)

Thursday, 22 February 2018


1 2 3 4 increase, increase, 1234 decrease, decrease


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13, do 2 more


forwards 1 2 3, backwards, 1 2 3


Grand Old Duke of York X 6


The first count is my crocheting for my ripple blanket, the second is the number of strokes to shave each leg - I can't stay at 13 now, can I?
The third count is my swimming of 3 lengths breast stroke followed by 3 lengths back stroke. If I count in 3s I can easily count the 30 lengths needed for my swimming exercise. 
The fourth count is for cleaning my teeth. It takes 2 minutes to sing the Grand Old Duke of York six times. 

Batty or what?


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Not enough time

Apologies for my absence but we've had visitors - meals, days out, shopping, playing, driving around, entertaining etc. but they have now gone back home - and left me with the dreaded lurgy. I can cough for Britain and my nose would win a running race. To top it all my computer is having an upgrade so I've been pretty busy.

The house is slowly getting back to normal and all the bedding has been washed and the toys put away for another time. Now for a rest - I didn't have the energy to go dancing today. Looks like I have to put up with this lurgy for a while - DH has had it for 2 months and DS has had it for a fortnight. 

Nil desperandum.


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

So much ...

In the bin:-

1. cat food pouches
2. plastic wrap off the chicken
3. plastic bags off the veg.
4. edge of the plastic from the stuffing
5. butter wrapper
6. cake liner
7. cat treaty wrapper
8. foil that wrapped the beef that had been saved from a previous meal
9. grotty bits of left over cat food
10. grotty bits from the sink drainer
11. floor bits from sweeping the kitchen floor
12. plaster dust and bits from sweeping the newly plastered under stairs loo
13. 'sucked' bones from the chicken dinner
14. 'window' from an envelope (the paper was recycled)

I don't think that's all but it's all I can remember at the moment. The bin under the sink is nearly full.

So much for ...

zero waste.

I have a long way to go.


PS  - the bin liner was a recycled plastic bag but than now ends up in landfill.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Counting out rhymes

Dip, dip, dip,
My blue ship,
Sailing on the water
Like a cup and saucer.
Dip, dip, dip,
You are IT!

(An alternative last line is - 
You are not IT! - this depends on the counter and the person he wants in or out.)

'Eeny, meeny, miny moe' was another counting out rhyme but I will stop there as the version I did in the playground would be frowned upon today. There are more up to date versions recited.

One potato, two potato, three potato, four,
Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more.

(Everyone held out their fists to be counted in this rhyme. The fist where the counter landed on the word 'more' was then put behind the child's back and the rhyme started again and repeated until the last fist was left. That person was 'on'.)

I can't remember any more so I'll make one up a couple of my own to be chanted rhythmically.

Four, three, two,
One's enough.
If I land on you - 
Clear off!

I'm looking for the one 
Who starts the game.
I might land on you or 
What's his name.
If I pass by you
Then in you stay.
If I stop on you

Didn't mean it.    :)

Whistle's gone, playtime over.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Still playing

Yes, we did play elastics but didn't have any songs to go with it. I still remember the moves. If you look up 'elastics skipping' on Ytube there's plenty to see. 'Launch pad elastics' even have some songs to sing to the skipping.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, puppy dog tails.

 Single rope skipping with a group had quite a few songs.

House to let,
Apply within,
When I go out,
Mrs. ____ comes in.

Then there was a reciting of the alphabet and when your initial was called you jumped into the rope.

Do you remember -

All in together girls,
Jolly fine weather girls,
When it's your birthday please jump in.

All the months were then chanted.

All in together girls,
Jolly fine weather girls,
When it's your birthday please jump out.

All the months were chanted again.

Salt was ordinary skipping with a little jump between skips and pepper was fast skipping with a jump on each turn of the rope.

We even did what we called 'French Skipping' where 2 ropes were turned.

Hand clapping rhymes were good.

I am a pretty little Dutch girl,
As pretty as can be, be, be,
And all the boys in my backyard
Go crazy over me, me, me.
My boyfriend's name is Fatty.
He comes from Cinuratti, (??????)
With 10 black toes and a pimple on his nose
And this is what he said to me,
"I L-O-V-E love you,
I K-I- double S kiss you,
In the D-A-R. in the D-A-R
In the D-A-R K-K.

I'll finish with a 'rude' poem my dad taught me.

Chin, Chin, Chinaman bought a penny doll.
He washed it and dressed it and called it Pretty Poll.
He sent for the doctor but the doctor didn't come
Because it had a pimple on its bum, bum, bum.


PS - A very big thank you to Angela and Rachel for explaining some of the games in the last post.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Playground games

Here are 2 circle game songs we used to play when I was at junior school - age 7 - 11years. I can find in and out the dusty bluebells on Ytube but not 'We are 3 Jolly Fishermen'.

In and out the dusty bluebells,
In and out the dusty bluebells,
In and out the dusty bluebells,
Who shall be my partner.

Tipperty, tapperty on my shoulder,
Tipperty, tapperty on my shoulder,
Tipperty, tapperty on my shoulder
You shall be my partner.

We are 3 jolly fishermen,
We are 3 jolly fishermen,
We are 3 jolly fishermen
Just come home from sea.

We cast our nets in twosies,
We cast our nets in twosies,
We cast our nets in twosies,
Jolly old fish are we.

Oh, the big ship sails through the Alley, alley, oh,
The Alley, alley, oh,
The Alley, alley, oh.
Oh, the big ship sails through the Alley, alley, oh
On the last day of September.


Alley, alley, oh,
Alley, alley, oh
The big ship sails away.
Oh, the big ship sails through the Alley, alley, oh
On the last day of September.

The Captain said it will never, never do,
Never, never do,
Never, never do.
Oh the Captain said it will never, never do
On the last day of September.


The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea etc.


We all dip our heads in the bright blue sea etc.

We also had rhymes for juggling with 2 balls either in the air or against a wall.

Nebuchadnezzar, the King of the Jews
Bought his wife a pair of shoes.
When the shoes began to wear
Nebuchadnezzar, began to swear.
When the swear began to stop
Nebuchadnezzar, bought a shop.
When the shop began to sell
Nebuchadnezzar, bought a bell.
When the bell began to ring
Nebuchadnezzar, began to sing -
Doh, re, mi, fah, soh, la, tee, doh!

What a lot of songs we used to sing for our games. I've yet to start on the skipping and clapping ones!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Thinking out loud

I would definitely have more space in my cupboards if I didn't have multiples of the same thing ...

eg magazines
types of clothing
craft items
toilet rolls
crocheted blankets
duvet covers
pillow cases

... to name but a few!

As part of my de-cluttering I am ridding myself of books and some of the first to go are those of Charles Dickens. We saved a full set on one of our forays to the tip (DH knows how to treat a girl!) and they have decorated shelves ever since. I have read a few and intended to read every single one. Now we have decorated it is time to cull and I can read the stories I haven't read yet online - and the print would be a lot larger.
So, off to the CS go the books and I've already made a start reading CD's books in order online. Now there's more space made.

The trouble is - I want to fill it!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A bus jolly

After a brisk walk to Liddle-iddle this morning to spend £20 and claim a free olive oil, I decided to have a bus jolly this afternoon. The sun was shining but there was a cold wind but I was sitting on the top deck with the bright sun making it warm and cosy. I took some pics of the varied scenery on the journey - some places interesting, some run down. 

Heading south along the Golden Mile the Big Wheel can be seen in the distance. Some Illuminations are up all year spanning the road.

Most of the smaller tourist attractions are closed over the winter.

Madame Tussaud's remains open.

We turned off the promenade and headed inland a little. The shops here are quite rundown and many empty and in need of repair.

Back up to the prom now and here is one of our 3 piers.

In the distance now the Big One at the Pleasure Beach can clearly be seen. The sun was in my eyes most of the way.

There's the Mirror Ball.

Past the archway and straight ahead is St. Anne's. The new tram sheds are on the right and I'm sure I took a picture of a tram but it doesn't seem to be here.

The built up promenade now gives way to sand dunes and today sand has blown all over the road.

Heading into the town the area becomes more built up.

Past the park and ...

I alighted on the main street. Here the buildings are more well kept and the architecture is more attractive to the eye.

Still bright sunshine and still a biting wind.

After a quick walk up and down the main street I caught a bus back home. Exercise done for the day and time to get a roast on for tea.