Saturday, 28 February 2015

Got knotted

so the sorter and winder extra-ordinaire took over and ...

after weighing and rewinding …

I ended up with about 700g of Sirdar Silky Look DK.

Now what shall I make? Someone's throwaway lives to see another day.


Monday, 23 February 2015

Still rolling

Will it never end?

3 kitchen cupboards - I can pull out my baking stuff so easily, I know exactly how many stored items are there and my bowls are easily accessed along with the hand mixer, the electric carving knife and various other kitchen attachments and whizzers,
wait for it
the under stairs cupboard

I'm rather fed up with folding plastic bags but I will not throw them away unless they are a waste bin liner. New plastic bags are put in the kitchen drawer to be used for the homemade bread, crummy bread bags are used as bin liners and are stored under the stairs. Good quality plastic bags are taken shopping along with the large supermarket fabric bags. I can get my ironing board out from under there now without pulling out, or knocking over, other items. Oh joy!
I know how many bottles of wine and sherry are under the stairs too!

Oh joyous joy!


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Just a list

of books I've read and not read by Peter James.

Dead Letter Drop
Atom Bomb Angel
Sweet Heart
The Truth
Faith Perfect

Dead Simple
Looking Good Dead
Not Dead Enough
Dead Man's Footsteps
Dead Tomorrow
The Perfect Murder
Dead Like You
Dead Man's Grip
Not Dead Yet
Dead Man's Time
Want You Dead
A Twist of the Knife

I look out for Peter James' books in the CS and can never remember which one's I've read and which I haven't. The blurb doesn't help me at all, nor does reading the beginning of the book.

I'm sure I've read more than I've crossed out but I forget instantly the one's I've passed on. It's rather like not remembering 'Who dun it?' in Agatha Christie books. I shall come back to this page, as and when, to cross off more.


Saturday, 21 February 2015


I'm on a roll. Tights sorted, socks sorted, wool sorted (at least stored in one place) and ...

I very, very rarely wear tights so I don't know why I keep so many.

… knickers and bras folded and sorted! Here's a great video for folding knicks so you can fit them into a small space.

Sorry, I'm not showing a pic of my knicker drawer!


Friday, 20 February 2015

Organised or what?

I've been watching videos on YT on how to organise clothes. (There are some wonderful videos out there.) As I was having difficulty cramming fitting all my clothes into drawers and wardrobes I thought a little organisation was called for. It's wonderful what a little origami folding can do - all my tops sorted with a 'worn once' so clothes aren't left lying around.

All my hangers were replaced with velvety ones, initially from Primani, then TKMax and finally Home Bargains (which were the cheaper for the same product). These hangers help to cram fit more items into a small space. They also won't let clothes slip off.

The coloured hangers I had already and were a bargain by from the CS.

I even refolded all my material (that might come in handy one day).

The crafty shelves are looking decidedly organised and believe it or not the contents of the boxes and baskets are sorted too!

I can't touch anything now. I'm afraid to mess it all up!


PS 1. Julie at KC's Court. Please will you email me your address and I'll send off the Nature book for you.
2. I had a great jump in the number of page views the other day. I think someone must have been reading all the previous pages of the blog. I hope it was an interesting read for you and you didn't get too bored with my makes, dos and thoughts!

3. Now I'm off to view how to store tights without them tying themselves in a knot. Oh what a stimulating life I lead.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I planted a tree today. It's only a 5 foot stick at the moment but it should grow into this.

It's a Pride of India or Golden Rain tree with flowers that look like this.

And seed pods that look like this.

It will eventually grow into this.

We spotted these trees in Dresden in Germany and thought they were beautiful. It will be some time before our tree will be as big as the one above but I hope we'll see some of the flowers and seed heads once the tree is established.

The tree is taking the place of the one we had to cut down last year which was getting far too big and sending suckers up all over the lawn.

The tomato seeds that we planted in pots are now emerging. 

We won't need them all but isn't it funny that we find it really difficult to throw the 'extra' ones away. DD potted all his up last year and gave away a 'million' and potted up a 'million'.

The 'edible' back garden has now been rotovated and the pea trellises put up in readiness for planting. Potatoes are chitting and seeds have been sorted. All is ready for the great plant when the weather gets a little warmer.

A very warm welcome to my new follower.


PS  (The computer didn't like the word 'chitting' and wanted to put 'chatting'. I don't think my seed potatoes are chatting to each other. I wonder what they'd say if they were?  "I've got my eye on you!" "Let's get mashed!")

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Quick soup

end of celery
end of cabbage
1/2 tin of tomatoes
small piece of garlic
small chilli
1/2 stock cube
slosh of soy sauce
slosh of Worcester sauce
slosh of Tomato ketchup
slosh of water

fry, slosh, boil, simmer, whizz and eat

I've had one bowlful and there's another bowlful left which I will put with the last of the leeks from the garden for the next batch of soup. If I keep adding to the pan I could make a different variety soup each day. 

Now what else is left at the bottom of the fridge?