Sunday, 5 January 2020

Been away since May

Back again for a while. Here's a few pics that will, hopefully, fill in the gap from May 'til today.

Holidays with family - eating, drinking and soaking up the sun and scenery.

Holidays with friends doing just the same.

Days at home working, resting and playing.

 Out and about dancing, walking  and celebrating the seasons.

2020 is now upon us and hopefully we can do it all again. Food, family, friends and fun - in any order or all together. Great combinations to be had. Hope your New Year will be all you wish it to be.


Sunday, 26 May 2019

Day of rest

Have a lie in.

Survey the garden. Strawberries coming along nicely.

Mange tout nearly as high as an elephant's eye. Hopefully the flowers will be out soon - I can see little buds so all should be well.

Tomatoes showing themselves after flowering.

New grapevine looks promising. Must give them both another haircut.

Took this picture in Primani yesterday. Looks easy enough to make but don't know if I'd dare wear it with all those tassels. The squares would have to be bigger!!!!!

Don't think I'll try the crocheted bikini - that's going rather too far.

Two squares made!


Saturday, 25 May 2019

Tidy up day

Saturday is clean the fridge, microwave and hob day plus put everything away in its place. Let's get to it then. Fridge, microwave and hob were tackled first to get them out of the way and then a trip around every room began putting things away and straightening things up. Here's the kitchen bit.

Oh dear - dishwasher items to put away and new stuff to put in.

Toast crumbs to clear up and breakfast tray to sort out.

Quite a few bits fall to the floor everyday in this busy area so a quick sweep is necessary.

In the back room all the seeds that we were looking at yesterday were tidied away. The runner beans have now been planted.

We couldn't take the cat to a restaurant as it would put its food all over the floor and not clear its plate. Let's tidy it away and put some fresh down.

Next was a trip into the garden to gather salad greens for lunch.

We're eating the thinnings of the lettuce at the moment ...

... as well as leaves from the trio of lettuce bought from Liddle-iddle a few weeks ago.

They had to have a quick salt bath to get rid of any biddies. Whoops, messed the sink area up again.

Salad bowls at the ready waiting for tasty leaves. Nearly clear this side of the kitchen.

Nearly clear here too, just a shopping list that's been started. All the crumbs are gone. (Just wait until lunchtime!)

Table cleared and prettied up. (Won't stay that way for long!)

Oh my, just when the kitchen was sorted, the tumble drier finished and offered up a great pile of ironing.

What did I say about everything in its place? Nothing stays still long enough for that!


Monday, 13 May 2019

Walk with me ...

... around a little known walkway near the zo. The area where the zoo is used to be an aerodrome which housed aircraft during the war. By the side is a little woodland where wild flowers abound. The cowslips shine out from a carpet of green.

Through the woodland runs a small rivulet over which the path meanders.

A relic pill box from the war years hides within the greenery with a soldier still keeping watch.

The scent of wild garlic abounds.

Such a peaceful spot with a main road, hospital and zoo a stone's throw away.

A peaceful haven amidst the urban sprawl.

Click here for more information.


Sunday, 12 May 2019


Planted the kale, de-shooted the tomatoes, ironed, tidied, de-cluttered and polished the brass. Work in the morning, play in the afternoon so, seeing as it was still sunny, we walked to see the sea. I've never seen the sea blue in Blackpool, it's normally grey. Today, however it was as blue as the sky.

It was quite quiet today (Was there a football match on?) and the sands were fairly empty of folk.

A stroll along the pier and then on to Wetherspoon's for a pint before returning home.



PS Something made this deep hole in the sand but there were no human footprints around it and only one set of bird/animal prints to it. Duby, duby, duby, duby. :{