Thursday, 29 January 2015


Let's have everything to hand when present wrapping. The ribbons for tying went into a storage basket but where to put the shorter ribbons and even thinner ribbons which could be used for gift tags?

Sorted! I used an empty Ferrero Rocher box. The longer ribbons were held together with paper-clips and the shorter with an elastic band and all fit together well in the see-through box.

Now how do I store all the embellishments?

Or those fiddly little ribbons and pom-poms?

Or those pretty little bits and pieces that may come in handy sometime?

And who ate all the chocolates?


Monday, 26 January 2015

About time

This book was being read at the same time as another from the same author and the 12 Days of Christmas book and at last I've finished reading them.

I've now finished these last 2 (only one pic as I can't find the other book at the moment). It's another detective novel and I'm becoming less of a fan the more I read, not because of the content but I suppose  the way these books are written is becoming rather same-ish and they are not as gripping as they used to be!


Hello and welcome to my new follower. I hope you enjoy your visits.  My followers number keeps going up and down like a yo-yo.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ho, ho, hee

Lucky me.

It turned out that I won a crochet pattern from Astri at Apple Blossom Dreams, a blog I love to visit. The pattern is for the Nola Afghan and I propose to work this as another stained glass pattern using up the brighter colours in my stash.

There are some colours in there on cones that were used in one of my first blankets. I really like black as a frame to highlight the different colours. The stained glass version of the Puffy Nola Sunset Afghan really caught my eye the other day, hence my take on it with my stained glass scarf and I'm so pleased that I was visiting Astri's blog at just the right time.

I have won on Astri's blog before with her Rose en Vie pattern. I have started some of the squares but I've not got enough of all those colours so that blanket is on the back burner at the moment until the majority of the stash has been used.

I've also made loads of her granny rose squares. They are quite addictive.

My stash is gradually reducing - it's always exciting rifling through the drawers trying to find just the right colours or even just looking at the wool and thinking - "What shall I make with this?" 

Here's another question. 

Who has a stash and how do you reduce yours? (:))

Right, now to start my foundation chain.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sleep through the night?

My answer to this first question is -

NO :{

What do you do when you can't sleep?

My answer to this second question is - 

do a few 'wave about with the legs' exercises

listen to my iPod (headphones in)

read a book

gaze at the ceiling (walls, windows, wardrobes ……)

toss and turn until there are no other variations of lying in bed

listen to the radio (Classic FM or Radio 4)

listen to the CD player (relaxing classical music)

make lists in my head and think of ways of remembering them

I think I must only have 5 hours of deep sleep and the rest is just lightly dozing and doing some or all of the above - oh - and loo trotting of course.

I'd love to get one full night's sleep sometime.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Around and around and around again


Couldn't remember who'd shot whom on the detective DVD we watched last week.
Racked our brains but nothing came.
Had to fast forward the episode again in order to find out.
Oh dear!


Had a brain wave.
Eventually we could de-clutter the DVD collection and only watch one series.
By the end of the series we wouldn't remember what we'd seen so we could start all over again to find out!
The same could apply to all the books too! Can you remember who 'dun it' in any Agatha Christie novels?



Monday, 19 January 2015

Be prepared

I think this is going to be a Scarf year on the present collection front. I was given this yarn by a friend and I already had some in my stash. It's Stylecraft Ragtime and feels really soft and has neon bright bobbles every so often along its length. It knitted up in garter stitch on size 6mm needles and I used 3 x 50g balls. I have plenty left so I may make a matching hat which could be Christmas tree shaped with a glittery pom pom on top! Hmm!

I saw a version of this effect on a blog I read and decided to have a stained glass pattern on this scarf which was crocheted from side to side rather than bottom up. The colours were from my stash so are different kinds of yarn but all are DK crocheted with a 4mm hook. It's a really easy pattern and could lend itself to blanket making in jewel colours of course.

This yarn was from Liddle-iddle this year and was I think £3.99 for 4 x 50g balls. It was knitted on size 9mm needles and didn't take very long at all. It's an unusual way of knitting - not using it as yarn at all but putting just loops on the needles.

Totally different yet totally absorbing in the knitting and crocheting process.

There may be more to come. I feel a collection coming on!


PS A warm welcome to my new follower and commenters.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Little bits, tiny steps, slow but sure

Everything cannot be done at once so today in the de-cluttering department - 

shoes, clothes and books went into the CS bag,

cleaning department - 

hoovered downstairs and upstairs, cleaned the loo (the loo seat came down on my thumb - ow, ow, ow!),

kitchen department - 

made a stew from last of the onions, veg and an end from DH's steak
and made bread in a terracotta bread dish which was a gift for my birthday,

give-away department - 

visited some friends and gave some daffodil bulbs to them (we'd ordered too many),

make department - 

added some more rows to a scarf,

tidy cupboard department - 

sorted another wardrobe,

relax department - 

read the newspaper and some chapters of 2 books I have on the go,


re-charged the Kindle

care department - 

stroked the pusscat and made sure she took her medication (she had 3 teeth out yesterday - worrying times!)

drinks department -

Enough done - where's the sherry?