Sunday, 26 April 2015

First pick

The asparagus plants are getting old now and are refusing to grow in the shadier part of the garden.

Nevertheless the ones that are growing continue to delight the palete, having been cooked in water and butter in the frying pan.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Little bits

Little bits of leftover veg went into my veggie stew along with the ends of 2 sauce bottles and some relish. There's enough for 2 more meals now. 

The little bits that are sprinkled on my muesli are kept in my small jars. There's also the little bit of sugar that was left in a packet and some rice.

I'm still using little bits of left over wool for the blanket (now re-named as the Rainbow blanket) and I'm un-doing previous crochet attempts that never came to fruition.

I knew that I'd find something little to be kept in these mini ice cream tubs which I brought home from the circus. I also keep my chopped up lemon in one in the 'fridge.

I couldn't throw away the little bits of spoon that came in an Easter egg, nor the little forks I pick up when we have fish and chips on the prom.

There are always 'bits' left on the work surface when there is a busy working kitchen. I decided to display mine before they went in the recycling bin in the evening.

I like my salad chopped into little bits which I mix altogether. DH likes it all separate.

My dressing today is mixed in a 'finished' mustard jar. The last little bit of mustard is shaken up with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a squirt of lemon.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Aladdin's Cave

Day out on DH business meant a 2 hour wait and there just so happened to be an Aladdin's Cave nearby. It was crammed with items from yesteryear. Mound and heaps of stuff.

We spent ages wandering round room after room of usual and unusual items.

Time soon passed.

Furniture, bric-a-brac, baskets, industrial, office and school furniture, lamps, bicycles - what a selection.

There was even something there for Vix!


Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Yes. The balls of wool were just languishing in the drawer not doing anything in particular, just there.
Unused?  Yes, I kept passing them over in favour of better colours, larger amounts, better feel.
But …

now I've been using them up in my latest blanket, I can't get enough of them. I keep hunting out more yarn to use and foraging through different cupboards and baskets in the hope of finding the odd ball. (I didn't put 'or two' because it sounded quite rude!)

I've been using them in not particular order. When one ball runs out another takes its place and it makes for a rainbow coloured blanket.

Is it turquoise?

or green?

or pink?

or red?

Is it white?

It's growing fast and is going to be very heavy because I'm using a large hook and 3 strands of wool.

So is the wool useless or unused?

No, not now.

I think I shall call it my 'Useless/useful blanket'.

"Everyone and everything has a purpose. You just have to take the time to figure out what that purpose is."

Quote - Unknown

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I've been having fun with my new to me iPhone 4s the past few weeks. There's such a lot I've missed out on  - I know now why people get glued to their phones to the exclusion of everything else! Play, play, play - 

* taking selfies. Why? I know not but I do know that ten zillion selflies have to be taken and viewed and scrutinised in order to find a semi decent picture to post. Where?

* Instagram - so many people posting so many pictures in so many different ways. Hours can be lost viewing.

* Apps - my goodness what a variety. I've played around with different pedometers, language learning, health recording and sky viewing (free) apps and enjoyed every minute.

I wonder if there are any crochet apps or apps that tell me when to plant the veg? I tried a 'monitor your sleep' app and have worried myself that I'm not getting enough deep sleep and am waking up constantly!!

* calendar - I've a perfectly good diary where I record important meetings or events but now I also put them on my phone.

* Reminders - I make reminders to myself but as with paper reminders I forget they're there.

* Lists - I made myself a shopping list but then decided that my paper list was better as I was juggling my phone, trolley, keys and credit card while waltzing down the aisles of the shop.

* Siri - my phone talks to me - how clever is that! Set a timer for half an hour please.
OK timer is set for half an hour. Clever, clever, clever. And it also tells me that it is there to please me when I say thank you to it. :)

* Internet - whoa it's a mini computer and I can use it as such. I think I prefer to use my laptop for serious work as the screen is large enough for my eyes to see clearly.

I can swipe and swish now with the best of them and there's probably heaps more to play around with.


I don't think I've actually phoned many people with it though.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

'Nother one

Short review

Didn't think I'd like the format.


Friday, 17 April 2015

Should I?

I've been using up my small scraps of wool to crochet ...

… a basket weave blanket (a neat idea from a blog I came across. This isn't the one but has the same idea). Use a large crochet hook and 3 balls of DK and work a basket weave stitch, adding in different colours when each ball runs out. My hook was a 9mm.

Now should I use up all these balls of wool which may come in handy for smaller projects? While I decide I'll just carry on with this blanket. :)