Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Big to small

Two bunches of flowers were looking past their best so I 'saved' the better looking blooms and composted the rest. Now I have two more arrangements to brighten my day.

3 weeks and still going strong

2 and a half weeks and still going strong

January is now officially bright and light in the kitchen thanks to fairy lights and flowers.


Monday, 21 January 2019

Simple solutions for reducing plastic waste

 Perhaps I should go plastic free.

Thinking it through though ...

Solution 1

If I get rid of all my plastic I'm adding to plastic waste.

If I don't get rid of all my plastic I am not adding to plastic waste.

Avoid buying anything made with plastic or sold in plastic (difficult one this).

No brainer then.

Solution 2

Manufacturers should start to make items with different materials other than plastic and food produces should not sell their produce wrapped in plastic.

Another no brainer.


Sunday, 20 January 2019

Cleaning routine - kitchen

Yesterday was hob, microwave and fridge day. I don't do a deep clean every time but I did with the fridge today.

With the hob out of the way ...

and the microwave too,


I took everything out of the fridge and washed all the shelves and the inside with hot soapy water. The inside door holds the milk, cold tap water bottles, fresh orange juice, eggs and the spray cream as it wouldn't stand up in the main fridge.

Plenty of left overs to eat up in the fridge. The lard and butter are at the top back with tartare and horseradish sauce jars. Chicken casserole awaits us tonight and pork chops tomorrow. The cheeses are in the white container with the salady stuff at the bottom. I try to keep things in containers or wrapped up for easy access.

I got carried away and did a quick tidy of the coffee and tea cupboard,

cleaning of the cupboard fronts,  (Flat fronts are much easier to clean than contoured ones) ...

and finished off making some chocolate cornflake bites.


Saturday, 19 January 2019

Poo buns

I wouldn't win a baking competition ...

but these buns, done in the microwave, taste just like chocolate buns and only took three and a half minutes to cook.


PS for Marlene. I usually stop wearing flip flops in October and start wearing them again in the spring but I've been wearing them over winter when the weather is warm (ish). I very rarely wear socks even with boots. I much prefer my feet to be free. The flip flops in yesterday's picture are my favourite ones for walking in at the moment but I also wear Birkenstocks Gizehs.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Gym exercising at home

Exercise this morning was a shopping trip with my trusty trolley. These trips involve walking plus lifting and pulling heavy weights. Pulling all that weight seems to have stretched my body. I've always wanted longer legs ...

... and now (just today) they're very long indeed.

Here's my haul which looks pretty healthy to me.

The wholemeal bread is frozen 4 slices at a time as it's only me who eats it. It's always handy when I've run out of my homemade. The carrots are peeled, put in water and stored in the fridge which keeps them fresh for the week. Some I slice into snacky pieces.


Thursday, 17 January 2019


Such is life when you live with a DIY-er. I didn't say "Ow" when the large spirit level dropped on my ankle. I didn't flinch or swear. All my concentration was spent on holding the concrete post vertical as I stood triangulated with legs and arms in order for it not to move. 

The post was concreted in and is, thankfully, upright and not leaning in any way. Phew! My ankle has a bruise the size of an orange and is now turning darker. It looks good and commands a great deal of sympathy from the other half (and anyone else that I show it to). Thankfully all the posts are now in and I can retreat to the house and play.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Hourly check ins


Little bit of crochet to start the day.


Hoover and dust the hall, stairs and landings.


Make envelopes for homemade cards using magazine pages.

Made a template first from an old envelope, then decided that just a square was needed. Put the card on diagonally and fold the edges around the card. Simple.

They need a sticky label for the address.

Perhaps I'll put the sticky labels on the back so the front picture can be seen.

Production line set up and rolling along.

All envelopes done and box put away. Need to make some new cards.


Lights on the landings dusted.


Thick bacon piece put in the oven to cook.


Tomato soup for lunch.


Decided to make some new cards. What a mess.


Tidying up the mess and putting things away in this room, followed by a quick hoover.


Check To Do List and update.


Afternoon sit down with DH followed by preparations for tea and eating. 


Unexpected guests who arrived at 4.35 still here.


Just had a bath and am settling down in the loft room for the early evening - blogging, crocheting, Filofaxing and YT-ing.


Will be doing the above.


Will be playing a computer game before going downstairs to watch TV.

Nightie, nightie.