Thursday, 30 June 2016

For Angelika - Isosceles Granny Triangle

Angelika enquired about how I made a right angled granny i.e. half a granny square, as she landed on this post. Unfortunately I'd not posted the instructions on how I achieved this and could I remember? No, of course not as I'd made it up as I went along. I emailed back and said I'd experiment again so here is my up to date version of an isosceles granny triangle.

The crucial part is getting the first round correct. I don't think this second attempt is exactly the same as the first but it does the job.

First chain 3 - this is the base.

Put your finger on the last chain and chain a further 2 which stand in for the first treble of the cluster.

Chain 2 trebles into the chain marked with your finger.

Chain 2 and then work another cluster of 3 trebles into the same chain. (This is the first corner.)

Chain 1 and work a cluster of trebles into the next chain which is the second chain of the first 3.

Chain 1 and work 2 clusters of trebles separated by 2 chain into the first chain. (This is the second corner.)

Chain 1 and work 2 clusters of trebles separated by 2 chain into the middle chain of the first 3. (This is the third corner.)

Join with a sl. st. to the first cluster.

There should be 3 clusters or shells across the hypotenuse and 2 clusters down each side. The 3 corners have 2 chain separating the clusters and the sides - 1 chain.

 Now it's just like any other granny square except there are only 3 sides. In each corner work 2 clusters separated by 2 chain and on each side work one cluster separated by 1 chain. I suggest that if you want your corners sharper then a 3 chain gap may achieve that. (I've not experimented though.) Here's the second round.

And here's the third.

To make the first 3 chain stronger they could be chained with double yarn.

I've not tried a 3, 4, 5 triangle but I'm sure the same principles will apply. I'll try one later and slot it in below.

Hope this helps, Angelika.


PS Apologies for the pictures not being clear and the rushed annotation - so excited to do the triangle. (That's my excuse!)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The vine is on its third haircut and I've tried to put all the bunches of grapes hanging downwards.

There's grapes on the main branch and grape on the side branch so ...

I'm going to have my work cut out eating this lot when they're ready.

We've had a trip to the plant place where we originally bought this vine in the 80s and the 'mother' vine is still there. I've quizzed the now elderly owner on how he prunes and he's a lot more ruthless than me in removing shoots. 

I feel another haircut coming on!


Monday, 27 June 2016

Whoo, hoo ...

I lost another 2!

Two pounds lighter this week and I'm not at all hungry or craving more. I have a very small breakfast - just one slice of toast with a cup of tea. I know it's recommended that dieters eat a large breakfast but I want to do this losing weight my way with as little disruption to my 'normal' diet as possible. My lunch consists of home made soup or something to do with eggs - 2 at the most and one slice of toast followed by a piece of fruit. My main meal is a 'normal' for me meal, just a smaller portion or a larger one minus anything really fattening. e.g. half the plate vegetables and only very small portions of meat, if any. Suppers are still there but I'm cutting down the portion size and the 'going back for more' aspect!

My exercise is still the same as before dieting to lose weight and if needed I could possibly do more. I don't think I'll add anything to the formula this week and see what happens next. I'm nearing my first target weight and I'll see how I feel when I reach it. Now I can fit into all my jeans with the waistbands comfortable and not digging in. My bras are not tight either.

Thank you so much for helping me - I could not do this without you spurring me on. The fact that I know others are 'watching' me makes me more determined to achieve my goal. I'm very close now and another few weeks should get me where I want to be.

I'm hanging on in there!


Thursday, 23 June 2016

A bit of a frill

I like a bit of a frill ...

… in the garden from time to time.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The first

Our first strawberries. They are about to be added to the fruit salad and eaten.


Monday, 20 June 2016

Like lightning

Well, not quite. I'm lightening very slowly - just one more pound lost this week but it all adds up. Nearly half a stone gone, the clothes fit, the inches are lost and I feel much better about myself. I'm determined to take off the next half stone though so it's onward and upward with the same regime.

Today I've had for breakfast one slice of toast spread thinly with Marmite.
Lunch was one and a half scrambled eggs (DH had the other one and a half) with a few tinned tomatoes plus one dry slice of toast, followed by fresh fruit salad. Tea will be steamed veg and chicken followed by fresh fruit salad. My downfall is having a supper so I shall focus on cutting down or eliminating them altogether. Suppers have been crackers or muesli, a sandwich or a some left-overs from tea time.

Supper today will be a few prawns from Lidl. I shall put them in a small bowl and nibble them slowly. And not have them served up as a prawn cocktail. And not have them in a sandwich with a packet of crisps! And not follow them with a slice of cake or some more crackers. And not secretly raid the choccy raisins! Oh dear my secrets are out. I shall report back on the subject of suppers next week. I shall need all the support I can get as I'm starving at suppertime.


PS Pam, I've posted your parcel. There's an added small pressie in there aswell if you want it. Just remember to make the parcel up again to 10 items and then pass it on. I wonder what you'll pick from my little selection!

Friday, 17 June 2016

I tossed a coin

There were only 2 takers for my 1, 2, 3, giveaway game but 2 is better than none at all and I hope that the giveaway will move on and on to other bloggers so I can trace it all the way for as long as possible.

I tossed a coin to find out the winner of the first parcel, having designated one person 'heads' and the other 'tails', and the winner is Pam from 'A New Life in Wales'.

Pam will you email me your address please and Crafty Caroline do you have a blog? If you do, perhaps I could do another parcel for you too. If you don't, please email me your address and tell me what you had your eye on and I'll see if I can find something for you.