Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'll just add another one ...

... before I send my granny squares off.

Baa, baa, bloggy blanket.

Further details to follow on how to get your squares to fostermummy.

Welcome, new follower, I've been on your blog a few times as I've been surfing around. I'll check in again later on this evening.


  1. Aww that sheep is so cute! x

  2. That is so sweet! I love sheep!

    Sft x

  3. Is that a square you've made? It's so cute.

  4. What a lovely square!! So cute! xx

  5. what a sweet sheep on your granny square!

  6. Ok Mum...I will have to have a go at this one..care to share? it is gorgeous.

    1. It's from the crochet book that I showed you before (201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths) with a little bit of variation around the edge to make it into a granny square so I can't really print the version from the book but I can say that basically it is a rectangle (or you could do nearly a square if you want it to turn out into a square) made up of alternate rows of loop stitch and UK doubles. From there the surround was doubles with 3 doubles in the corners. I then judged the size and my final round was granny clusters. The head was done separately which was an oval in doubles and the ears and legs were chain and straight stitch. There were a few stitches of white around the ears and the eye was just embroidered on with wool. Hope this helps.


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