One, Two, Three out of Ten Parcel Chain

This idea for this chain started here and the first 10 items in the parcel are:-

1. A frilly, knitted scarf

2 - 6.  A Christmas stamp, dolphin cutter, wooden bookmark, fancy paper notebook and a pink necklace.

7 - 10. A crochet book, a packet of Christmas or greetings card blanks with envelopes, a new hair slide and an Egyptian themed stamp

The parcel may be followed by reading the comments below so find the parcel and have a chance of choosing one, two or three out of ten items for yourself.

Remember - Only comment here if you have received a parcel and have written a blog post about the new parcel. Don't forget to put in pictures of all the items in this new parcel and provide a link to your blog.


24/6/16 - Pam has received her parcel and taken her pick. Read her post here.

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