Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Tops and Bottoms

I noticed dusty skirting boards in the bedroom so, being clean a bedroom day, these were cleaned but one thing generally leads to another and the picture rails were cleaned as was ...

the tops of the wardrobes,
all round the edges of the carpet,
behind the bed,
the light shades and 
the dressing table top.

While I was at it, DH's tops and bottoms were sorted (clothes!!!!) with quite a few put in the CS pile, my jeans were culled too. Who needs 10 pairs, quite a few of which didn't fit.

Job done and ticked off the list. Time to play.



  1. Yes why does one simple task lead to another.......

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Don't throw all the jeans out - my best shopping bag is made from one ill fitting pair - cut across the thighs.

  3. It seems never ending at times, doesn't it? Well done.

  4. One thing does lead to another I have found. You got lots completed.

    God bless.

  5. I have a load of jeans - they were those cheapish ones from Sainsbury's that are slightly stretchy and elasticated waist but not very worn. I feel I ought to keep them for gardening in but in truth I prefer my warm stretchy leggins as they flex more with me when bent over all the time. But I would feel guilty getting rid of the jeans - there again I am sure someone would be glad of them.


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