Thursday, 10 January 2019

Kitchen in action

And what's taking place in this picture?

What about this one?

Now you've had your guesses, let me tell you. There's always plenty going on throughout the day. I don't know about Fly Lady but my sink never stays still long enough to show off its shine. 

First picture working backwards.

Top of stepladder which is needed for people of small stature to reach the top cupboards.
Cotton bag holding the homemade bread.
Food in Eye Key Ah containers, handy for breakfasts and suppers.
Red candle on its way to be put away in the dresser drawer.
Bread proving on the worktop covered by a tea towel.
Flour still out.
Books brought home from the LWL outing. (Ladies Who Lunch). We tend to take and swap items as well as natter away.
Bananas hanging out of the way of the other fruit.
Fairy lights still out to light up January.
Cat on floor deciding what to eat. As usual 2 plates to choose from as she tends to turn up her nose at some offerings.
Plates out on the grill door to warm up when the grill is on for the chop that is under there. 

Second picture

Cat still deciding which plate to eat. 
Veggies ready to chop for a stir fry.
Dishcloth hanging about.
Karcher at the ready for the steamed up windows.
Mixer bowl full of soapy water in the sink soaking away and catching anything to wash.

I think that's all. Did you get everything?


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  1. I like the way your cat has a choice. Sithcat is working his way through cat food from the Co-op now. Goodness knows where we go next as he will surely turn his nose up soon.


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