Wednesday, 10 February 2016

What next?

My January blanket turned into a bag and is finished so what next? I've decided to start a 2016 blanket (good intentions) which may, or may not, end up as a blanket depending upon - 
1. how long these cones of yarn will last.
2. any whims I may have.

These cones have been hanging around way too long and so I've decided to use them up in a thick wool blanket.

Six strands and one 9mm hook are what I will work with. The start looks a pleasing colour combination so I will continue.

Let the length of the yarn on the cones dictate the size. Off we go.


PS My crocheted fan cover was snapped up by a friend at the ballroom today. She took a real fancy to it!

PPS She wanted to know where to put the batteries!!!!!



  1. The colour combination is very nice, love that zingy green.

  2. I'm laughing so hard!!!! Batteries lol !!!

  3. lol Batteries indeed but your were all giggling :-) I am going to be really interested in seeing your blanket love the colours and the texture is going to be amazing, dee xx


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