Tuesday, 16 February 2016


There's plenty going on in Blackpool this week with fun and entertainment from Showzam. The Winter Gardens* housed much of the activity with mime artists,

musical hens,

fantastical decoration

and sideshow entertainment.

Around the streets were various spectacles. Here's a friendly werewolf.

Great fun for families. Unfortunately it started raining mid afternoon which put a dampener on some proceedings. I tend to agree with Nine to Five about the crowds of people making getting anywhere an assault course of pushchairs, stationary groups and street furniture. I was glad to get home.


* Type Winter Gardens in the search box at the side to see pics of this beautiful building.


  1. Blackpool is mainly hideous due to the people in it!! I avoid it like the plague!

  2. Not you, I hasten to add, but those ( and yes I'm stereo typing ) buggy pushing, smoking, I'll dressed ill mannered local yoof. Hmmmm

  3. wow that looks like a fun day out though despite the rain. Love those coloured flowers, dee xx


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