Saturday, 6 February 2016

All sorted

This organiser box jumped into my trolley at Lidl this morning. I had just the job for it.

Under the spare bed there's a little bit rather a lot of Technic Lego hanging around in various unsightly plastic containers. The teeny tiny joiny pieces are now sorted into their own little compartments.

Some other items jumped into my trolley too because they may be useful for my Filofax hobby addiction. I've decided that this particular hobby needed a blog of its own as it's not everyone's cup of tea. If you're as interested sad as me in this particular area of organising then you will find me playing wasting more of my time here. Right, that's under the bed sorted.


PS Welcome to my new commenter.

PPS Jo, I've just read about your crimson Malden on my travels around 'you know what' blogs. Ooooh!


  1. Those boxes are brilliant for lego parts, our Josh has loads of them.

  2. There is still someone who plays Lego in your house? Or grandkids? It is worth saving - the cost of Lego these days is like everything else - criminal ;)

    Love the organiser. I could become OCD, though, in keeping all the pieces in their rightful compartment after a Lego session. I'd drive myself nuts, I know. So, I just bung the whole lot in a large plastic storage box - and whoever plays in it, has to dig and delve...

    1. It's me! Lego's not for children is it?!!!!

    2. My son is 41 years old and still has Lego kits for his birthday every year! His dream job is to work as a Lego design, and has been called for an interview three times! He was so pleased when his son was born as he had an excuse to visit all the Lego Land's..which they do ...every years.

      Lego is definitely not just for children!!!

  3. I have one of those boxes, it is full of my EPP papers and the scraps of fabric to go with them. Keeps them under control; and nice and handy when the mood is upon me for some hand stitching. My thread, needles and thimble all fit in as well.

  4. Good idea! (I knew it would be yours not a child's though). Bloody kids have a ton of lego, all mixed up and worth a fortune. Makes me twitchy.


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