Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Is it?

Is it a Christmas decoration?

Is it a mitten?

Is it a sock?

No!!! It's a crocheted fan holder.

Here's the fan inside.

I decided against pink wool to complement the pink in the fan and I only added the fuzzy wool as a bit of glitz for the ballroom and the fact that I'd run out of turquoise. :)

I couldn't find a pattern anywhere on the net so perhaps I should go into business. Crocheted fan covers for sale. I'm sure there's a market for these!


PS - Note to self: Perhaps I shouldn't have used the fuzzy wool to finish it off. Hmmm! Hope I''ve satisfied the curious commenters.


  1. I've just been sorting through some wool - I must find a use for it all.

  2. That looks great.
    Have you seen this......? http://www.scrumble-art.blogspot.co.uk/
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Oh, I see what you mean from your previous post about these!!!!

  4. Hopefully you as you won't get all the fellas eyeing it up lol

  5. hahahahaha sorry Mum that's given me a right chuckle I think its brilliant and I love the glitter addition to the top :-) Brilliant, dee xx

  6. Teehee, dual purpose! Looks like it should be on the same page of ebay as my post about unusual valentines gifts!


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