Saturday, 20 February 2016


I love rooting through button boxes and I've tipped the contents of mine onto the floor in order to find 2 medium sized brown buttons which are the same.

Have I succeeded? No, but I have found some French coins. I don't know how we've acquired those as we've never set foot in France. I need the buttons to decorate one of my cat coat creations but I fear I shall have to have a design rethink on the Crocheted Granny Square Pet Coat front!

Here's another in my Mum's Cat Couture Feline Fashion line - the 'anyone for cricket?' jumper.

She's still sulking.

But putting on a brave face.

This one's a bum coverer ...

and thankfully for our cat - easily removed. I started the crochet at the tail end, added on stitches for the under tum, left off stitches for the shoulders and added a few more for the neck. It's done in UK trebles (US dcs). The edges are one row UK double, one row treble, one row double, one row treble and finishing off with a row of doubles. On the treble rows I over crocheted with slip stitches in cream.

I'm on a roll! :))



  1. Looks very smart. Its the look, as if to say "really........."
    Beautiful cat, what's his/her name?
    Julie xxxx

  2. I love it, but fear my cat would do me in if I put one on her.

  3. Love your work, but I don't think that was a brave face, more like a I'm warning you face.

  4. Blimey, that's an unimpressed face, a very cute one though!

  5. I don't think I would have ever got one of these on any of our lot. lol

  6. I just love your cat coats, gorgeous!


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