Sunday, 7 February 2016

Going where the fancy takes me

It started out as my January blanket and ended up as this,

… looking nothing like a blanket at all. No, it's not a blanket folded up.

It's a dance bag to hold my dance shoes, fan and other bits of paraphanalia. I was inspired part way through the blanket by this post by Tangled Happy and the fact that my other dance bag had given up the ghost.

The buttons were cut off a garment that went in the rag bag and all the wool is from the stash.

I didn't follow any pattern but just edged the part blanket in single crochet (UK double) making some button holes at one edge. The gusset is just single crochet and is attached with a contrasting wool.

I've not lined it and I don't think I will unless I find it difficult to find things in the bag. I want it to hold my dance shoe bag, fan, phone and purse. I may look as though I'm turning up with a crocheted cushion on my person but hey ho, I'm a big girl,  I'll put up with it. I've seen some ladies at dances turning up with a crocheted fan holder. I'm not going that far though as they look like ...

--- willy warmers!

(Please note that I have not supplied you with a picture.)



  1. It's beautiful, crochet always reminds me of my Nan she loved to crochet.

  2. I like it! What kind of dancing are you doing?

  3. Not a fan of crochet bags, they usually look a bit prissy , but that one is a statement piece.

  4. That's a lovely bag, looks very roomy.

  5. The colours make it look vair expensive! It's gorgeous X

  6. I think we deserve to see a photo of the willy warmer fan holders! Very clever bag though

  7. This I like very much...uhmmmm....think I must go get out my crochet hooks now......

  8. haha shame theres not a photo to show us the fan holders ;-) love the bag its gorgeous, dee xx


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