Friday, 13 May 2016


A comment from one post remarked on storage and I thought I'd show one of my prettier storage solutions. This storage box caught my eye in the CS...

and I'm having a great time filling it with various papers and bits and pieces.

My Filofax organisers echo the colours of this box. Two other boxes I bought at the CB for £3 each.

Just the job for organising my card making bits and pieces.

Pusscat is supervising here. She's after the pipe cleaners - not a good idea.

My I-key-ya boxes held an assortment of sewing paraphernalia but it was difficult to remember which box was which so ...

the second CB box came to the rescue to hold press studs (hardly ever use these), hooks and eyes (hardly ever use these), old zips rescued from redundant clothing (They'll come in handy some day - no, they never do!) and bits of velcro (hardly ever use these). I can't throw any of this lot away, though.

And I can't throw away wooden cotton reels so they went in to.

There, storage organised.



PS Friday the 13th and I've had 13 emails and have sold 13 things on Ebay!



  1. Those wooden cotton reels with a pencil, or thin dowel, glued in make fantastic storage towers for reels of thread and bobbins. I have one next to the machine when I am on a sewing fest, much easier than scrabbling with a bobbin box.

  2. I use some clear boxes with the smaller compartments in them for storing my embroidery floss. I think I may see if I can get a few more and use them for snaps, sewing needles, and other bits and bobs in the sewing room.

    Love the colours of the box you picked up for storage.

    God bless.

  3. I wish cotton still came on wooden reels.

  4. Your £3 boxes look just like the one I purchased at £18.00 so great bargain.

  5. Nice finds at the CS. Sometimes those little bits and pieces of sewing or crafting are the hardest thing to let go of. However, if you ever do need them, you are going to be able to find them right away. Good job.


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