Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Going green

I think I'm into green at the moment for the kitchen.

Having a black and brown kitchen means that I can add extra colours with pans and other kitchen paraphernalia.

All these 'extra' bits came from the same shop and just happened to fall into my basket when I was food shopping.

The chopping board, green container and baskets I've shown before but the latest green is ...

No, they are not all from the same shop - the baskets
came from I-keey-yah.

… a new ironing board cover that brings Spring into the kitchen.

I'm matching all the green that is outside now the warmer weather has come.

These aquilegia plants have contrasting whites and purples

The green of the iris contrasts with its purple flowers.

And the white flowers have appeared overnight on the mange tout.

We're definitely going green inside and out.


PS 1. Please note the paper to be recycled in the baskets.
2. All our veggie and fruit waste goes in the compost and when DH moved one of the bins wonderful black compost was found underneath. That will help with all this growing.
3. A warm welcome to a new follower.


  1. I love green to, especially when paired with red. Love your new kitchen stuff xxx

  2. I like green too. Just had a look round the house and realised I have green on every pair of curtains and had never realised before !

  3. Love the touches of green and the ironing board cover would almost convince me that I liked to iron. I make compost from all my raw fruit and veg waste along with cardboard, newspaper and shredded prunings for the dry matter. It looks and smells very rich. I have 3 bins on the go and anything with tap roots or near seeding goes into an old compost bag with some water util it is part rotted down.

  4. I love green in our home, your is beautiful xx

  5. I'm like you and Pam and compost everything. I think you have the prettiest ironing board cover I've ever seen!

  6. Its nice to give a room a pop of colour using accessories. I am going to have put some extra brown (paper etc) into our compost as they are getting over filled with grass cuttings.

  7. Green is such an upbeat colour. Love the new ironing board cover.

    God bless.


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