Sunday, 15 May 2016

Me time

Good finds at the CB today with balls of wool, a scarf knitting kit, a bag full of patchwork squares, circular knitting needles and some mags. 

Peeping in at the bottom is a white dish which I thought would be square enough for a lasagne.

I spent £10 on this little lot and am well pleased. The scarf has already been started and one of the magazines read in the sunshine after I'd weeded the garden. I might hunt for some sock yarn now and christen my needles.

Happiness is finding 'me' items at the CB.



  1. great deals there. Would you believe we have had snow flakes today?

  2. I was gifted a huge black sack of gorgeous wool today. Can't wait to dive into it and sort it out!

  3. Great buys!
    I like those kind of dishes to bake in.
    Lovely colors on all the crafty supplies!

  4. I find lots of knitting yarn and accessories at the thrift store. I don't always need what is there and often what is there is not what I need, but when I score, I score big. Congrats on the nice haul.

  5. You did well, I fear that our charity shops would be much more expensive.

  6. U got a gud stash there. I always look very closely at the tables at a car boot sale, and not glance and pass by like some people do.


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