Sunday, 22 May 2016

I fell off

It was only very briefly. Well it was only one afternoon but I did fall by the wayside. If an excuse will excuse me it was because a birthday needed to be celebrated with friends and I didn't choose chips. No, I chose a salad. Granted it had a couple of fried fishcakes with it plus a half or 2 or 3 of very good cask beer and granted I did sneak in a small chocolate bar - just to add to the celebration. Oh my! I'm going to get back on again now and to prove it here's my colourful selection of fruit and veg for the week.

Fruit for afters, folks plus lots of veggies for befores.

I shall complete the journey even if I fall every now and again.


PS 1. Half a pound lost this week.
2. A very warm welcome to my new follower.


  1. You are doing well. You have to fall off now and again but as long as you climb back on you will be fine.

  2. It's normal to fall off, it's not a race. Half a pound a week for a year is 26lbs. Best spread it over a long period of time rather than starve yourself.

    I fell off last night, had a 50p Crunchie bar from the garage opposite the theatre.

  3. Birthdays are hard, bit it's done so now we move on. We had office cakes on Wednesday, to help as we were stressed with our systems crashing. Sometimes it's best to enjoy and get back to the healthy eating next day. well done with the weight loss, every little bit helps.

  4. Mean queen is right! It all adds up. The fruit n veg look so pretty!


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