Sunday, 9 June 2013

Walking 10 000 steps

... to the car boot first thing this morning (25 homes magazines for £2 - bargain) and then to say hello to the sea. Not many waves today though!

A walk to the park followed where there were hundreds of people, picnicking, basking, listening to the band,

feeding the swans (Can you see a swan boat in the distance?),

and watching the vintage cars arriving from Manchester.

It's hot again today.



  1. Sounds and looks like a good day to me! x

  2. What a great day - so glad you finally have good weather over there.

  3. What a weekend it's been here! We're lucky people.

  4. What a lovely day. You can't beat a good walk when the sun is shining. Well done on finding the magazines, what a bargain.

  5. We'll be there tomorrow-hope the weather stays fine. I could smell the coffee from the lovely Art Deco cafe as soon as I saw the photo! Catriona


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