Sunday, 23 June 2013

Totally blown away ...

... with the number of classic cars, buses and coaches at this Totally Transport event on the promenade. Remember the old minis? I had one in Harvest Gold (3rd from the left). We also had minis in British Jaguar Racing Car Green, Teal Blue, White and Florescent Green. DH used to take old wrecks and 'do them up'.

This one had half a car as a trailer.

The windows of this old bus were rather dirty.

Most of these coaches and buses had Blackpool as their destination.

Ahh! Diddy coach!

Ahh! Diddy coach from the front.

Rainbow buses.

There were hundreds of vehicles stretching as far as the eye could see.

I was totally blown away!

It was rather windy. The white horses were having a great time.

The tail on the sculpture was waving about. The sculpture in the distance is a sea organ,

which played a pretty mournful tune today.

I've lived on this coast all my life and have never ever travelled on the open topped tram. It must be totally freezing up top.

I'm surprised my pics were in focus today as I had a hard job keeping upright ...

... being totally blown away!



  1. How fantastic! Would have loved to have been there. I am used to the wind!

  2. Memories! I had an old mini clubman when my kids were little.I loved that car.

  3. It's been rather windy here too today. I wouldn't fancy riding on the open top tram in the wind.

  4. How fabulous to see all those vintage vehicles, I was excited at just one bus recently! I really love that diddy coach though. x

  5. With that many vehicles one could be excused for thinking it was yesteryear. The buses were crazy!.

  6. Love me an old car! I don't need a show, there's four of them on the drive! x

  7. What great pics. Brings back memories as I used to whizz around in a British racing green mini. It was my first car and I loved it to bits.I remember Hubby (then boyfriend), screaming "you are not supposed to turn the corner in 4th'. Yes I was going a bit fast, but oh the fun.


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