Saturday, 29 June 2013

Look for ...

This is the fourth book in the series - I've not got the third one - and it follows the fortunes of the family from one of the other books.

'There's A Silver Lining is an evocative saga, steeped in the warmth and nostalgia, in which heartache, happiness, tragedy and triumph lie in store for a close-knit Blackpool community.'

Yep, I'd agree with that! Another easy read which is not easy to put down.



  1. Hope you manage to find the third book. It was the same with the fourth book in the series I'm reading, I'd got the fifth but couldn't find the fourth. I waited until I eventually got it though rather than read out of sequence.

  2. I've used to find obscure books in the past.

  3. It's always good reading about an area you're familiar with. Sadly nobody has written a book about where I live, but I'm sure there must be someone out there who has written about Burtonwood US air base, which is about 10 miles cross country from where I am. I know it features in some wartime and after books, one of which was written by Edwina Curry.

    I'll look out for your books, as I like ones that follow and sometimes you don't want to read something too heavy if you've only got half an hour.

    I found a book by Susan Hill, which turned out to be a series, it was the Simon Serailler series and they are crime, murder and absolutely unputdownable, which I know is not a word!

    1. I shall look out for that series of books.


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