Saturday, 1 June 2013

Good to grow

Corn looking cute as it's just been planted.

Spinach springing into action.

Carrots coming along nicely.

Beetroot belting along.

Onions only romping away.

Grape vine growing along its guides.

Tomatoes tied up today.

Cucumber cutting a dash in the corner.

Peas pleasantly pootling along.

Strawberries streets ahead.

Broccoli beginning to grow.

All's well in the edible garden.


  1. All I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brilliant.We have some things coming along nicely. My carrots in the raised beds are lagging way behind those in a large tub though, wonder why? First time I have grown beetroot this year and they look at a similar stage to yours. I have planted up loads of strawberry plants and am hoping for a bumper crop. Enjoy your weekend mum!

  3. It all looks so lovely! We were intending to be in the veggy patch to day..but rain stopped play.
    Jane x


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