Sunday, 16 June 2013

From my seat

I'm linking up with Joy who first posted with this idea - from my seat.

On my left is an Ikea kitchen trolley - it never made it to the kitchen - which holds my bits and bobs. There are crochet needles in the Uncle Joe's Mintballs tin, a nail file, iPod, Chinese balls!, scissors, needles, quick unpicks, post-its and much more hiding in the basket. I've been mending so there are cottons, a Kindle and books to read. (I'm still not using a proper book mark.)

On top of the trolley are some of my squares and 2 kitties who purr when you stroke them. There's a bunny pin-cushion there - I saw one like it on a blog I read ages ago. Again I can't remember which.

Above to the left is the door to the en-suite, a master piece by DD from her early days (6 years), the Dyson, another hat, basket and teddies.

From my perch on the bed I have everything to hand for an early evening's hobby time. The puss cats tend to help with the hobbying. I'm still ploughing through the wool making squares for the 2012/13 summer blanket. The basket of wools is emptying slowly. My pink frock is a new to me - I retrieved a pink chiffon scarf from the rag bag at work (it had a hole in it) to put round my straw hat - very co-ordinated! My feet look very dirty - I have had a bath.

To my right is the basket that holds my wools, teddy and a tapestry cushion. I'm leaning on about six cushions and a pillow.

Above me is the window with a view of the changing sky - fine at the moment. Our garden extends to the chimney pot where a fine fern specimen can be seen growing.

Welcome to my new follower. I hope you enjoy popping by.



  1. I think its a great idea to do a post from your seat. I love the idea of having framed your daughters drawing from when she was young, I have bought some frames today from the boot sale to paint up for the very same purpose because I have got loads of my grandchildrens pictures.

  2. Wasn't it a fabulous day in your home town today? We went very early to the seafront near the Tower to read the comedy quotes-what an amazing piece of work! Enjoying our stay at St Anne's now the weather has improved again and OH's cold is nearly done. Catriona

  3. What a clever idea for a post! Being a nosy type, this is right up my street!

  4. Looks like you've got everthing to hand there Mum - I hate it when I have to start searching the house to find the one thing that I want - love your feline friends sitting along side of you xxx

  5. It looks like you were all set and settled in for the night. I hate having to get up and down all the time looking for things I need, very wise to have everything to hand.

  6. Welli like the chimney pot planter!

  7. Trust the cats to want to help by keeping you company. :)


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