Friday, 14 June 2013

Number 17 - and bits and bobs - odds and ... ends

I used the 'odd' squares for this baby blanket. The corner square was marked where I had to cut off some sort of motif so I covered the mark with a ...

... Granny Rose. You can find the pattern on Astri's blog. Welcome, Astri and thank you for following my blog. This rose was completed with odd bits of leftover wool.

The following pics are bits and bobs from the week. DH and I went to view the Wurlitzer and watch a concert in the Opera House at the Winter Gardens. Click here for more information on the concert. All the musicians were great but my favourite was this gentleman. He really enjoyed making music.

Here is a performance I found on Youtube.

Hasn't the weather been 'odd' today - rain, hail, wind and sun. I managed to avoid the wet on my way to and from the CS. Only got a few bits and bobs today - magazine (Real Homes), DVD, T-shirt for DH and a scarf to decorate my straw hat!

When we had lunch at Wetherspoon's earlier on this week I went to the loo (as you do) and saw this pair of kissing birds. (Actually they were upside down - hence this pic is upside down.) (I wasn't standing on my head.) It reminded me of this post from My Beautiful Life.

Here's an owl - or 2 more birds kissing - or a horrible fiend who's about to 'get' you!

I crocheted an Ipod case for DD last week. I crocheted one whether she wanted one or not!

I've not wrapped the cable round properly. She showed me how but I didn't take a pic.

Well that's all the bits and bobs sorted. My posts will be back to 'normal' next time.



  1. Thanks for showing the grannies rose. I really apprecite.
    Lovely blog!

  2. I think we've got your yesterday's weather here today. It's been sunny all morning, the rest of the family have just left for cricket and the heavens have opened, so I'm blaming them.

  3. Rain hail wind and sun - sure you're not visiting Melbourne Mum??
    Loved today's post -a bit of this and a bit of that - good fun to read all about it!
    BTW The knit in public is for crochet as well this year
    Take care

  4. Loved your bits and bobs post!

    I got caught out in the hailing rain yesterday, we looked like drowned rats when we burst into Waterstones :)

    What lovely things you make.

    Sft x


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