Thursday, 20 June 2013

Everything in the garden is rosy

No roses here - it's mange-tout.

Spot the mange-tout! DD ate these in her stir fry. (I ate the first one though!)

Spinach grows really quickly.

The leeks have been transplanted. Let's hope they grow to fill the holes.

Yeah hay, the runner beans have germinated. These were planted straight into the ground.

These were planted in pots at the same time. I shall plant them out tomorrow.

The Lidl lettuce is still going strong.

Not a rose in sight, but everything in the garden is rosy.

Everything in the house is rosy too.

Rose petal confetti was the order of the day so I hung up a bunch of roses in the airing cupboard to dry.

Once dry I peeled them apart to separate the petals.

I'm also experimenting with peony heads, bluebells and lily of the valley.

 More roses here from a walk in the park and poppy petals from the garden.



  1. I must check our mange tout to see if we have any to harvest, I suspect not though, they were planted quite late on.What is the confetti for? Have I missed something?

    1. Hi Anne, DS is tying the knot with his girlfriend/partner this summer.

  2. Your garden is growing so well! We need heat...our tomatoe plants are all standing round ,hands on hips, wondering what they are supposed to do!
    Jane x

  3. I'm still waiting for mine to grow. You must have better weather than me.

  4. My beans haven't done very well so far this year. The few which germinated have been planted out, but I've had to fill the gaps by sowing some direct. I never usually have any problems with beans. Planting out leeks is a job I must get round to soon.


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